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britflorida is the “Spot On” UK Contributor on Squidoo

iconjackieToday we’re happy to introduce you to britflorida. She’s our “Spot On” UK Contributor on Squidoo.

Tell us a little bit about your niche topic.

The UK is the most fascinating place. It has wonderful people (and a lot of eccentric ones), great scenery, loads of history and – believe it or not – fabulous food. I want to celebrate this on Squidoo. I know that there are a lot of British people and Anglophiles on the site and I want to make sure that their voices are heard.

Tell us about the moment you fell in love with your topic. Was it an immediate thing or did it happen over time?
Well, it’s funny really. I lived in the UK for the first forty years of my life and during that time I just thought everything was completely normal and never paid much attention. It’s only when I left England that I came to appreciate it.

Who had the most influence in your life?
Oh, without a doubt my mum and dad. No question about it.

You can also find britflorida at the following sites:
Spot On UK on Facebook
Britain. Spot On UK on Pinterest


britflorida invites you to pop on over to her Review your favourite British movies to share a review.

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  • tonyleather

    Really good to see this lady, who writes some great lenses in that niche topic, featured at last!

  • adventuretravelshop

    Hello my fellow Brit – nice to know you’re here on Squidoo, you inspire me and make me laugh – oh yes and you teach me lots too. This my opportunity to thank you.

  • Brite-Ideas

    Congratulations! you may become the official voice of the UK everywhere!

  • kinworm

    Congratulations, Jackie. You’re the perfect pick to represent the UK :)

  • SherwinG


  • Sylvestermouse

    The UK is a fascinating place! Awesome niche!

  • uujjmmkk
  • uujjmmkk
  • peterduck

    Well done Brit! They couldn’t have picked a nicer person! (I take it the cheque’s in the post ;-)

  • trevorjb1406

    Another fellow Brit here…well done and keep writing!

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