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Squidoo Club News: Who Won? Results from the Food And Book Club Quests

ribbonwinnerLast month our Squidoo Food Club and the GoodVeg Club combined forces to create some yummy vegetarian recipe lenses.  After the deadline, we asked both clubs to vote and the winning lens, the lens that received the most votes, Vegetarian Pizza Your Family Has Gotta Love by 1angelsbestkeptsecrets, was posted as Lens of the Day last Tuesday, February 4th, 2014.

Some of the runners up included:
Creamy Broccoli Homemade Soup Recipe by susan-zutautas
Yummy Toasted Cheese and Mushroom Sandwiches by savateuse
Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers by MareeT
Lowfat Chocolate-Zucchini Brownies with Applesauce Instead of Oil: Better Than You Might Expect by Ramkitten

You can see all of the delicious lens creations from this quest HERE.

The Book Club also celebrated with a vote and a  Lens of the Day on Thursday February 6th.  The winner from our Animal inspired book quest was, Inspiring love for all creatures – great and small by Hope.

 Runners up from the Book Club Quest were:
Charlotte’s Web! A Story About Friendship! by grammieo
The Wind in the Willows: An Enduring Favorite by Cercis
One Hen and a Small Loan Made a Big Difference in a Community and So Can You and I
by Ruthi
Animal Speak: The spiritual and magical powers of creatures great & small by Graceonline

You can see all of the lenses from this quest HERE.

If you’d like to join one of these, or maybe even one of our other fun Clubs, stop by All About Squidoo Clubs to learn more.

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Robin Svedi aka rms is a Community Organizer and member of the Creative Team at where her daily mission is to help lensmasters build better and more successful lenses about the things they know and love.

  • Ruthi aka abitosunshine

    I truly enjoy the Squidoo Club Quests, whether I have time to participate or not. So many great articles are born of these quests. Thanks for the challenges!

    • rms

      I’m glad you enjoy them and you’re right, we get a lot of great lenses from our club members.

  • StephenJParkin

    Yay! I voted for both of the winning lenses, must have impeccable taste! Actually it was just a fluke but at least you all agreed with me!

  • Susan52

    Congratulations, winners! Awesome lenses all around!

  • DaisyDixon

    Congratulations, they all looked amazing!

  • favored1

    Congratulations to everyone. There were so many good ones it must of been hard to select one. I’ve enjoyed reading them.

  • cercis70

    I also enjoy the Squidoo Club Quests…but can’t always finish in time :-( That said, thanks for all who thought my “Wind in the Willows” lens was a good one :-)

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