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Paying Tribute to Dear Old Mom

Happy Mother’s Day!

In honor of this wonderful occasion, visit each of the following 9 lenses that pay tribute to the most special lady on earth, Mom.

You’ll laugh.  You’ll cry.  You’ll even get one Mom’s secret recipe.  Go read them now and then, if you can, give your own mom a call.  She’s waiting to hear from you.

My Mother Madeline

1. My Mother Madeline

I was nine years old. I asked my father for twenty- five cents. Without an explanation, he took me to the hardware store, where he purchased; a shoeshine box with a black, cast iron footrest, two soft bristled brushes, a dauber, two buffing cloths, and a b…

Dear Mom, Do I Make You Proud?

2. Dear Mom, Do I Make You Proud?

Songs of pride are helping me write a letter to my deceased mother. Applejack of My Little Pony equestrian toy and story, American Idol star Taylor Hicks. and Trace Adkins of Country Music fame—all have musical renditions to remind me of an unans…

The Micca Digital Photo Frame: A Great Mother's Day Gift

3. The Micca Digital Photo Frame: A Great Mother’s Day Gift

If you’re like me, I send new pictures of our children to my mother every year; sometimes I even frame them for her. They take their places of honor on top of her cabinets, dressers or piano along with pictures of her other beautiful grandchildren. TH…

Old Wives' Remedies, Tips & Solutions From My Mum

4. Old Wives’ Remedies, Tips & Solutions From My Mum

Old wives’ remedies that work – from my mum Beauty tips, household hints, home remedies . do they really work? Well here, I’ve put together a collection of my mum’s favourite old wives’ remedies and tips. Many from WW2 And they all work…

How to Celebrate Mother's Day When Your Mom Has Passed Away

5. How to Celebrate Mother’s Day When Your Mom Has Passed Away

Learn how to celebrate Mother’s Day when your mom has passed away including Mother’s Day poems for moms that have passed away and ways to celebrate her life. Losing your mom is difficult enough, but it’s even harder when her special day come…

My Momma Use To Say

6. My Momma Use To Say

It’s November 24, 2013 and I can’t sleep, again, for thinking about my Mom. I have an idea of a book I would like to write and it is inspired by her. I had this book idea long before now but it’s this night in particular that I am enlightene…

Edith Bunker: One of the Best TV Moms of All Time

7. Edith Bunker: One of the Best TV Moms of All Time

Over the years we have gotten to know some very memorable TV moms. I really liked many of them, such as Carol Brady, Shirley Partridge, Clair Huxtable, and most recently, Camille Braverman. However, if I had to pick a favorite TV mom, it would be Edith Bun…

My Mom - A Daughters Tribute

8. My Mom – A Daughters Tribute

What can one say when their Mother was one in a Million? I could say I felt privileged, which I did. I could say she was Always there for me, and she was! I could say I never missed anyone more, And I don’t. I could say I was lucky to have a Mom like…

Old Fashioned Bread Pudding

9. Old Fashioned Bread Pudding

Mom’s Simple Bread Pudding Recipe My mom used to make bread pudding in the morning and that wonderful aroma would fill the house. It smelt so delicious yet when she made it, we didn’t want to eat it. That was because she would make her own ‘…

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  • TableTalk

    I love my mom so much. She is 87 now and ill health. I always remember her as a strong woman, but her age has taken its toll and has beat her down these last couple of years. Her physical self is so weak, but her spirit still burns strong. Today is Mothers Day. For those of you that still have their mom on this earth make sure and reach out to your mom on a regular basis. The saying “Life Is Short”, couldn’t be more true.
    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY….to all the loving moms of the world!

  • bdkz

    Love this! Thanks for grabbing all of these great lenses Robin.

    • rms

      They are all great, aren’t they?

  • Ruthi aka abitosunshine

    Happy Mom’s Day, Robin, and all of Squidoo! I am honored to have my Mom in the spotlight with such good company as Squidoo writers share their moms on Mother’s Day.

    • rms

      Thank you!

  • Kathryn Grace

    This has been so much fun, Robin, reading these tribute lenses. Thank you for compiling the list, and congratulations to all the contributors whose stories are highlighted here.

  • teriann

    Glad to have been part of this fun tribute. Mom is a main focus right now in our family and this particular mother’s day was exceedingly important to me. I was very pleased to see that you used my intro pic to introduce ‘Paying Tribute to Dear Old Mom’. I’ve snipped it to share with my family that Mom made the headlines, they will be pleased as well. Thx again Squidoo, you have been like a ‘mother’ to me.

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