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Lessons Learned by our Giant Squid Lensmasters

birdingLast week we asked our Giant Squids to create a lens about a mishap or misadventure they experienced along with tips for avoiding the same trouble in the future. Our giants shared their wisdom and experience on a large realm of topics including birdwatching, pet ownership, cooking, camping and even learning a new language…  amongst other things.

You’re going to want to stop by each of the following really great lenses to read all about their mishaps and misadventures and to reap good tips from their lessons learned.  Enjoy!

Playing Disc Golf...A Story For Beginners

1. Playing Disc Golf…A Story For Beginners

I’m not a disc golf expert, in fact we have only played this fun and exciting game once but we do plan on making it part of our summer activities. After you’ve tried this game for the first time you’re going to find that not only is it a gre…

Before you get another dog...Wait!

2. Before you get another dog…Wait!

Our family loves dogs. My husband and I got our first puppy, a tiny poodle, while we were traveling on our honeymoon. From that time on we were not without one, and up to four, dogs. Until Buster died suddenly one day. Odd how it still hurts to say that. B…

Birding Tips - For a Birding Beginner

3. Birding Tips – For a Birding Beginner

Birding is one of the fastest growing activities. So if you are thinking about getting into this fantastic activity then let me share some tips with you. You can learn from my mistakes so that your first adventure into this hobby is as enjoyable as possibl…

How Not To Make Crisp Rice Cereal Bars

4. How Not To Make Crisp Rice Cereal Bars

I hadn’t been allowed to do much in the kitchen when I was growing up so when I finally got out on my own I was clueless about a lot of things. I have always had soft spot in my head heart for crisped rice treats. They are the essence of simplicity. O…

Our Camping Adventure

5. Our Camping Adventure

Crystal clear skies breathe taking sunsets, and calm evenings to relax by a campfire. This is camping at its best. We spent many of our summer weekends and holidays with good friends camping. No we didn’t pitch tents, we rented cottages at a beautiful…

Damping down that Christmas Fire

6. Damping down that Christmas Fire

This is a true tale of an event in my childhood – back in the late 50s – when my brother and I, at my bidding it has to said, chose, on a bitterly cold Christmas morning, in a small house heated by a single fire, to test the capabilities of our very specia…

How to Purge Yourself of False Friends

7. How to Purge Yourself of False Friends

In this life you will meet a lot of people I call ‘posers’, ‘pretenders’ or ‘false friends’. If you’ve been around on this earth for more than forty (40) years, like me, then you must know exactly what I am speaking ab…

How To Get Rid Of Skunk Odor

8. How To Get Rid Of Skunk Odor

It was a warm, pleasant evening. A slight breeze wafted across the yard, and the stars were shining brightly. The crickets were chirping, letting me know it was time to head for bed. I was looking forward to getting a good nights’ sleep. The dogs wai…

Permission to Heal

9. Permission to Heal

Permission to heal! You may be thinking what a strange title, but that is what I told myself at one time. Divorce is a traumatic experience; more so for some people, less for others. I will not be bashing my ex in this lens; rather sharing my experiences h…

It's Never Too Late with Rosetta Stone Japanese

10. It’s Never Too Late with Rosetta Stone Japanese

There are no more excuses. No more procrastinating. I’m going to pick up the pace. I’m an expat living in Japan and I’m going to learn Japanese. It starts with Rosetta Stone. This is what I decided last summer. Up until then I didn’t ta…

Stylish Strong Stoneware From Oven To Table

11. Stylish Strong Stoneware From Oven To Table

I just love the strength and elegant presentation of this stoneware. Safe, durable stoneware by Le Creuset can get pricey but this one pictured (dimensions are 8- 2/7 by 12- 4/5 by 2- 1/2) is only $28. 99! A Cautionary Tale Make sure your stoneware or Pyre…

How To Make Perfect Gravy

12. How To Make Perfect Gravy

The word Gravy can sometimes put fear into a cook’s heart. I can sympathize since I have had that fear many times. When I first started cooking I made quite a few attempts to make my own gravy. Most of those gravies never made it to the table. How did…

From Mishap to Fashion Statement

13. From Mishap to Fashion Statement

It was the night of my sister’s 60th birthday and we were all going out for a meal to celebrate. My daughter and I were wearing our favourite clothes. I was in purple and she was in pink. We were all bustling about getting ready. My son who was twenty…

Unusual London Restaurants, Valentine Ideas and a Word of Warning

14. Unusual London Restaurants, Valentine Ideas and a Word of Warning

This is a short story, about making the wrong choice and not planning ahead. It’s probably happened to many, many people all over the world so it’s not unusual, but it happened to me on Valentine’s day! This was quite a long time ago, but I&…

Strike Two

15. Strike Two

Some time back, I wrote about various misadventures I had had. One of them involved the time I was stranded in Florida Canyon, without access to a cell phone signal. My car broke! (My car doesn’t like mountains, but I like my car anyway). Well, I lear…

Flopsy And Mopsy-A Mistaken Identity

16. Flopsy And Mopsy-A Mistaken Identity

I suppose that buying or getting a pet without really thinking about it first is never a good idea. But sometimes, we get a pet out of impulse and then we learn too late we have made a huge mistake. I have always have had a passion for animals, and have lo…

Image Source: Birding Tips – For a Birding Beginner  Thank you


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