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It’s Pasta and Picnic Time!

Recently we’ve had several delicious food quests running and today I’d like to point out two of them.

First up, I’d love for you to stop by our It’s Picnic Time! quest lens to find a whole bunch of terrific take-along food ideas that you’ll enjoy for the rest of the summer. Visit Squidoo Food Club Quest: It’s Picnic Time! to see them all and be sure to bookmark all of your favorites.

The second food quest I want to brag about today was one that was looking for Perfect Pasta recipes and we received tons of great lenses for this one. You’ll find one of the lenses from this quest featured as Lens of the Day today.  Browse through the following to see seven more of those scrumptious pages.

Have you got a great macaroni or picnic recipe to share?  If you do, be sure to post the link to the lens you’ve made about it here in the comments.  After all, one can never have too many great recipes.  Can they?

Vegetarian Lasagna

1. Vegetarian Lasagna

Learn to make vegetarian Lasagna with veggie burger. Making lasagna is pretty each and pasta dishes are fun to make. There are so many variations of them. Everyone makes it different. What’s really nice is that you can swap out one ingredient for anot…

The perfect pasta salad: Tuna Macaroni Salad

2. The perfect pasta salad: Tuna Macaroni Salad

This macaroni and tuna salad is the first thing I ever learned to crook as a new bride. We were broke most of the time and it was good, cheap and filling. It still is. I love it because it is so versatile. You can make it fancy, as it is in this picture, b…

Creamy Summer Tuna Fish Pasta Salad

3. Creamy Summer Tuna Fish Pasta Salad

A summer staple in our in our home is tuna fish pasta salad. Sometimes in the summer months, it just seems to darn hot to eat. I find that on those sticky humid days, I prefer to enjoy something that is light and cool and this delicious tuna pasta salad is…

Spinach Fettuccine with Blue Cheese Sauce

4. Spinach Fettuccine with Blue Cheese Sauce

Looking for a change from the traditional fettuccine alfredo? Then try this! Recently when my friends and I took our annual road trip to Iowa, we tried this recipe. Gwynn’s brand new kitchen was ideal for shared cooking so we all pitched in. We had a…

Poor Woman's Basil Pasta

5. Poor Woman’s Basil Pasta

So it’s getting late, you’re hungry, and maybe your family is hungry too. Such fun! Then, you remember that package of pasta that you have in the pantry, or perhaps that package of leftover pasta that’s been lingering in the fridge. Perfect!…

Lemon Butter Bowties with Chickpeas

6. Lemon Butter Bowties with Chickpeas

The easiest thing about this recipe for Lemon Butter Bowties with Chickpeas is that I can have all of the ingredients on hand and ready to roll whenever I please. The hardest part of making this dish is cooking the pasta, so with that in mind, this is a su…

Cheesy Vegetable & Macaroni Pie

7. Cheesy Vegetable & Macaroni Pie

Macaroni Pie is a favourite Sunday and special occasion dish in the Caribbean. Macaroni Pie does not normally contain vegetables. However, in this my customized ‘Cheesy Vegetable & Macaroni Pie’ recipe version, I usually add some vegetabl…


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