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Happy Father’s Day: 10 Lenses Dedicated To Dear Old Dad

Here in the states we’re celebrating Father’s Day today so in honor of dad’s all over the world, here’s 10 lenses dedicated to this grand occasion.

You’ll find gift ideas, tributes and even a lens created for those who are not celebrating.

Take a look and if you’re a dad, here’s wishing you a great day today!  You deserve it.

10 Country Songs to Honor Dad

1. 10 Country Songs to Honor Dad

I’ve done the work for you. As you know, it’s very time consuming to try and find just the right song to express your feelings for your loved one. I know that first hand because I’ve spent hours and hours searching out songs for my dad who r…

A Loving Tribute to My Father, Cuthbert Emmanuel Vincent BEM (1928 - 2010)

2. A Loving Tribute to My Father, Cuthbert Emmanuel Vincent BEM (1928 – 2010)

As I read 1 Chronicles in the Holy Bible, I marveled at the amount of family history recorded and preserved for more than 2,000 years! Things such as the number of sons and daughters that a man had, their names, which cities they founded, their trade/profe…

Dad, The Practical Joker

3. Dad, The Practical Joker

My dad had a great but unusual sense of humor. He didn’t tell jokes or one- liners. He pulled off elaborate practical jokes. Most people like to be present when the ‘bomb’ goes off on a practical joke. Not my dad. He didn’t mind setti…

A Daddy Like No Other

4. A Daddy Like No Other

I don’t think I have ever been closer to anyone than I have been to my father. He has been so much more than just a dad to me and my two brothers. He is our friend, our counselor, our provider, our protector, and even our comforter. If I were to take…

Daddy Played the Banjo

5. Daddy Played the Banjo

Actually he also plays guitar, the 12 string guitar and the accordion. But growing up it was the banjo that I most remember hearing him play. To be honest I tried to learn the Banjo, once. It just didn’t seam right. For me its trombone. But I digress….

Father-In-Laws-A Tribute to Mine

6. Father-In-Laws-A Tribute to Mine

What made him so special in my eyes, was that he was the father of seven children and each one of them looked up to their Father with respect, love, and admiration. That’s not to say that they didn’t look up to their Mother in the same way, but,…

How to Install a Toilet

7. How to Install a Toilet

Daddy taught me how to milk cows, operate an old John Deere Tractor, drive a nail, and refrain for swearing (most of the time). Mom taught me how to sew, bake a cake, and grow a garden. My husband taught me how to shoot a bow, change the oil, and remember…

Father's Day - a creative gift like no other!

8. Father’s Day – a creative gift like no other!

Father’s day in my home is important for many reasons. 1- I have no father, to speak of, but, my children have a wonderful father in my partner. Whilst I have a lacking presence of a father figure, I want to ensure my children uphold their love, respe…

Shopping for Dads

9. Shopping for Dads

Shopping for Dads – everyone has done it at one time in there life I guess. I always found it rather difficult to shop for my dad, because I never knew what to buy. He wasn’t very helpful either, my dad, he always said he didn’t need anything, th…

It's OK to Celebrate Fatherless or Anti-Father's Day

10. It’s OK to Celebrate Fatherless or Anti-Father’s Day

Anti- Father’s Day isn’t (or shouldn’t) be about being angry. It is for people who do not fit into the whole package of Happy Father’s Day. It gives us permission to grieve, to feel hurt, to feel lost or sad, or angry or upset, or anyth…

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  • grammieo

    Thank you for including my Father-In-Law in this grouping of lenses. These are all special stories and ones that need to be shared…..thank you!

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      Thanks for sharing him with us.

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    Thanks for including my lens.

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    Father and dad a wonderful relationship… We have to take care of this…

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    I am forever grateful to my father

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    Great to read this… best relationship in the world, especially for daughters.

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