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tonyleather Is Sharing His Holiday Traditions

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 2.04.25 PMWhat is your favorite holiday tradition?
I love the fact that our community centre – in the middle of our mid-size housing estate – throws open the doors every year on the Saturday before Christmas, offering an open invitation to a Jacob’s join buffet supper, followed by a merry session of Christmas carol singing, which everyone seems to join in with quite entusiastically! It began about seven years ago, as a sort of impromptu get-together, but has grown every year since, and it is heart-warming to see our multi-ethnic community putting all differences aside to take part in a joyous celebration.

What’s your favorite holiday food?
I personally cannot get enough of Sherry trifle, but not done necceserily the traditional way! You may find it a touch wicked to suggest such a thing, but should you substitute that strong sherry flavour with say, Tia Maria coffee liqueur, then you get a sponge and cream trifle so moorish that you would be reluctant to share it with anyone else!

What do you love most about the season?
I think the most enjoyable thing for me is the pleasure I get from seeing the surprise and delight that lights up the face of my beloved wife when she opens a gift from me that demonstrates how attentively I listen when it comes to finding things that will please her! To me, the giving is far more important than the receiving ever could be, and the re-affirmation of her place in my life, as my true soul-mate, is what makes the day complete, in my opinion.

What is your favorite childhood holiday memory?
I used to live, up to the age of eleven, in a small house, sharing a bed with my siblings. There were, at the time, four of us, and we had two of my father’s old army greatcoats that we used as blankets. There was only a living-room coal-fire for heat, and in the early morning the house would be bitterly cold, yet we always made our way to the window of the bedroom, mesmerized by the amazing diamond patterns that Jack frost had etched onto the window during the night. The wonder of those memories is still as strong as ever.

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?
To be honest, whilst I do enjoy a white Christmas, even here, in the north-west of the UK, I have not seen too many of them in the past 50 years. The thing is that the whole festive season is now so commercialised that it lost the childhood magic – so important when I was a child in the fifties – and nowadays seems to actually begin within days of the last Bonfire night dying away in November! I would love it to be a white Christmas, of course, but even if it turs out that way, I doubt it will ever again be as mysteruiously magical as it once was, and that, I think, is a real shame.

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  • Susan52

    I love what you wrote about choosing a gift for your wife and watching her open it. That is so, so special! Sounds to me like you’ve found a good way to keep the magic of Christmas alive, even if it isn’t quite the same as it was when you were a child. Enjoy your holiday season!

  • grammieo

    I like the picture you painted of the 4 of your siblings sharing the bed under the greatcoats. Air so cold your breath was visible. One fireplace to keep it warm…..sounds like our farmhouses from days gone by!

  • tonyleather

    I am only sorry that I have no childhood pictures to go with this story. It seems they were all inadvertently thrown out some years ago, so none of the family have pictorial records of that magical childhood!

  • reasonablerobinson

    Nice memories Tony…sherry trifle now there’s a thing of beauty!!

  • raveonstudio

    I love it! Omg that trifle sounds amazing! ;-)

  • A-Redneck

    I so enjoyed reading your holiday memories and I can very much relate to the cold house in the morning. My dad was always the first one up to get the fire roaring and the coffee pot on to perk.

  • getmoreinfo

    Thanks for sharing such a memorable childhood holiday tradition with us.

  • sierradawn

    I so enjoyed getting to meet tonyleather here in this lovey article!

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