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ravenko Is Sharing Her Holiday Traditions

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 7.40.19 PMWhat is your favorite holiday tradition?
This is a weird tradition that I started when my kids were young and now that my oldest is 35 she still does the same thing and that’s every Christmas Eve we would sit around eating popcorn, drinking hot chocolate and watching the move Gone with the Wind.

What’s your favorite holiday food?
I”ll have to say anything made with pumpkin and I mean anything soup, cookies, tarts and of course pie, yummy pumpkin pie with tons of whipped cream.

What do you love most about the season?
I like how people in my city go out of their way to help the homeless, they take donations for scarfs, toques, gloves and jackets along with blankets to help them with the cold.

What is your favorite childhood holiday memory?
When my baby sister was born, it was early Christmas morning when she arrived in this world and I have to say even though I was only 5 years old when she came along I was a little annoyed as only a child can be when all I got that Christmas was a yellow plastic dump truck for my gift. With all the joy of a new baby on the way they had forgotten to buy me and my other sister a gift so my dad talked a friend into giving him a few from their kids which were all boys.

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?
Christmas wouldn’t be the same without snow.

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  • poemsthatdance

    Love the spirit of Christmas! After living in Europe for 8 years and now back home in Australia, I really miss the snow!

  • grammieo

    Oh can I relate, I had my last child on Christmas Day too, early in the morning and my poor husband had to go home and wrap everything still! I don’t think he slept a wink!

    • ravenko

      Having a Christmas baby has got to be the best gift a mother can receive come morning, although I’m just guessing none of my kids were born anywhere near Christmas. My sister didn’t like having her birthday and Christmas all together as a kid, can’t blame her really.

  • Nightcat

    Adorable Santa and thanks for sharing. :)

    • ravenko

      Thanks Nightcat that little Santa is my treetop this year, I just couldn’t resist him when I saw him sitting on the shelf at Target staring at me, almost like he was saying take me home today.

  • discountcopiercenter

    Thanks for sharing.It was so nice to hear from you these words of good things.

  • ratna-singh-7982

    I have never been there. But it is my dream to be there once in my life time.

  • aredey

    Christmas is coming

  • 6rockinrollpeople

    I like it

  • 6rockinrollpeople


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