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nightcat Is Sharing Her Holiday Traditions

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What is your favorite holiday tradition?
Setting up the Nativity. It is a tradition in my family for generations so it is very important to me. I still have the same Nativity my parents used my entire life, so it means the world to me.

What’s your favorite holiday food?
Fruitcake, and no, I’m not crazy. Here it is often hard to find or super expensive so it is a rare treat for the holidays. Any recipe so old it used to be put in the tombs of Egyptian kings has to be good.

What do you love most about the season?
The snow! We rarely get snow exactly on Christmas, so any snowy day from Thanksgiving to Russian Christmas is always treasured.

What is your favorite childhood holiday memory?
Making cookies and wrapping presents with my mom. It wasn’t the money involved it was the show of love and family traditions that mattered.

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?
Yes! Don’t tell me I’m too old, I want a snowman then hot coco stat!

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  • getmoreinfo

    Fruitcake is probably the one thing that really puts people into the holiday spirit, thanks for sharing your holiday traditions, NIghtcat!

  • cercis70

    Glad to hear that someone else likes fruitcake. My Mom made the most wonderful white unalcholic fruitcake each year for Christmas with plenty left for our family. When money was tight she’d start buying a few packets of dried ruit each week as soon as the stores started stocking them. Thanks for sharing your endearing and homey traditions. Love your photo!

  • Nightcat

    Thanks for the honor and the comments! :)

  • Titia

    Nice to know about your holiday traditions, thanks for sharing them with us.

  • partybuzz

    Thanks for sharing. I love fruitcake, too! :) Merry Christmas!

  • Charito1962

    Hi. Thanks for sharing your tradition. I believe every home should have a Nativity set. It’s what Christmas is all about, more than the presents and the pastries. Happy holidays! – Ms. Charito from the Philippines

  • mutter

    I’m also glad that the tradition of fruit cake is still enjoyed. It never lasts long in our house!

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