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Ladymermaid Is Sharing Her Holiday Traditions

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What is your favorite holiday tradition?
For the past 31 Christmases Santa has brought me between $25.00 and $50.00 in scratch lottery tickets and placed them into my stocking. I so look forward to this treat each holiday season and would be very disappointed if I didn’t receive them. So far Santa has come through without fail each and every year. Thanks Santa.

What’s your favorite holiday food?
We could skip the bird but I absolutely positively love turkey stuffing and would probably cry if it didn’t show up on our holiday table at Christmas.

What do you love most about the season?
The lights, the decorations, the sound of excited kids and the music of the Christmas season give me a warm glow throughout my entire body. I smile every time I drive through our town or walk through the mall. It is the sights and sounds of the Christmas season that I really enjoy the very most.

What is your favorite childhood holiday memory?
My dad was a big kid at heart and he made Christmas as wonderful as he could for myself and my siblings. I can still see him searching around, under, and throughout the tree to see if he had by chance missed any presents to hand out.

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?
It is definitely a white Christmas outside of my window. A beautiful winter wonderland and I love it.

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  • kinworm

    The lottery tickets sound like a lot of fun! Hope you get lucky this year :)

    • LoreleiCohen

      It has become a tradition. I fix the coffee, we open presents, and then I sip coffee and scratch my tickets. Thank you for stopping by Kinworm. I hope you have an amazing holiday season.

  • Susan52

    I have to agree with you about the sights and sounds of the season. I love hearing Christmas music wherever I go. Merry Christmas!

    • LoreleiCohen

      I love it. I will generally have coffee in our mall restaurant and just sit watching the shoppers as they go by. They generally have Christmas music playing and someone ringing a bell for the Christmas Kettle charity.

  • grammieo

    Nice memories and I hope Santa brings you all the winning tickets in your stocking this year. Merry Christmas to you!

  • getmoreinfo

    Thanks for sharing your holiday memories, I enjoyed reading them.

  • cercis70

    Hope you are luckier with your lottery tickets than my husband was with the ones I bought him. I’m with you on the stuffing…love it!…with lots of gravy.

  • gottaloveit

    Great idea about lottery tickets. Love it.

    • LoreleiCohen

      The tradition began when I was single and carried on now that I have someone in my life.

  • ClassyGals

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas! Thinking back, the memories through the years seem to make it an even more special time of the year. Thanks for sharing yours.

  • HollyBee

    I totally agree with you in that my favourite part is also the lights, decorations, sounds…just the holiday atmosphere! I really enjoy the entire month of December for this reason, much more so then the commercial aspect! Have a great holiday!

  • RenaissanceWoman2010

    Whenever someone has given me a lotto ticket at holiday time, which I don’t ever buy for myself, I have won very nice cash prizes. Did you have a favorite win?

  • Dusty2

    Sounds like a very nice Christmas tradition and hope your numbers will come in for you. I agree; just give me the stuffing shaped into a bird with lots of gravy and I’m happy also. And, of course, the spirit and warmth of Christmas has to go along with everything else or else it wouldn’t be Christmas. Here wishing you and yours Ladymermaid a very Merry White Christmas this year. (Love the photo!)

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