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adventuretravelshop Is Sharing Her Holiday Traditions

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What’s your favorite holiday food?
I absolutely love smoked salmon and here’s a lens I made all about it Great Smoked Salmon Recipes for Christmas and any Special Day.

We always eat fish and sea food on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day we feast on meat! I love roast turkey, but last year we had roast duck, and the year before roast pork. I don’t mind, as long as it has all the trimmings.

I love a flaming Christmas pudding with brandy sauce. And I adore mince pies and anything with mincemeat. Here’s a delicious recipe Baked Apple Recipe with Festive Delicious Mincemeat.

My absolute favorite is making homemade ravioli because it is a Christmas family tradition. My dad used to make them for us on Christmas Eve.

They were so delicious. I have such happy memories of Christmas as a child. My parents loved it too and they used to cook so many delicious Italian delights like homemade Panetone for example!

What do you love most about the season?
I love the winter because it’s fresh and cold. Strange for an Italian but I don’t do heat very well. Last summer was so hot in Italy that we went to Monte Bianco and stood in the snow!

I love snuggling down in the evenings in my warm little house and the only thing missing is a fluffy cat on my lap!

I love that feeling that Christmas is coming and I love getting ready for it.

Christmas is a time for giving, so I help raise funds for the guide dogs for the blind. I wish I could afford to do more – maybe one day!

I am so lucky for what I have and I am very grateful.

What is your favorite childhood holiday memory?
My favorite childhood holiday memory is helping to put up the Christmas tree. I loved it because I knew that the holidays were here at last! I still feel the sense of peace and excitement and happiness when I put my tree up to this day. The year seemed so long when I was little so getting the boxes down from the loft at last was such a thrill! Also, I loved the way my parents seemed to turn into big kids when we decorated the tree!
I still have some baubles from my childhood although they have lost their sparkle, they have lots of happy memories, and I shall keep them forever and a day.

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?
I am certainly dreaming of a white Christmas and I do so every year! It has only happened a couple of times in my lifetime. But wouldn’t it be fabulous! One can but dream. The snow usually appears in February here in London.
I do love Christmas – everything about it!

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  • Susan52

    Mmmm, I love food traditions! Thanks for sharing yours, along with your fond Christmas memories, with us!

  • grammieo

    Christmas memories have got to be the best! Love the idea of home made ravioli, mmmmmm!
    Funny how food takes the center stage at everyone’s festivities, delicious memories!

  • d-artist

    Interesting how we all have such different ways of celebrating this time of year, with the kind of food we eat to the traditions…thanks for sharing!

  • Snappysnapper

    Going into the forest with my parents, brothers and sister to find and chop down our perfect Christmas tree.

  • ranjanganak

    fried rice special pliss.. hehe Tempat tidur anak

  • ranjanganak
  • sierradawn

    What a deliciously nostalgic lens!!!!

  • MartinTim

    I just love Chinese cuisine food like honey chilli chicken with hakka noodles, It is my all time favorite food. I love this season because it is a Christmas season full of joy fresh air and environment.

  • aredey

    good lens,if you came our contry in deceber,may be you would have a white christmas day memray

  • BarbaraSean

    Merry Christmas

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