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Fabulous New Lenses for the Week of Jan 20th

How to make a spanner rack

1. How to make a spanner rack

I am always looking to improve the way I store my woodworking tools in my workshop; the shed at the end of the garden. My main aim is to have tools to hand where they can easily and quickly be found and accessed when needed; and to reduce the amount of tim…

British and Anglophile writers wanted

2. British and Anglophile writers wanted

Look, it’s not that I want to take over the world or anything like that. I gave up my plans for world domination ages ago. But I really would like to get more British writers here. Or people who want to write about the UK. After all, if you’re Br…

Perfect Tempura Recipe

3. Perfect Tempura Recipe

When it comes to Japanese food, certain foods come to mind. Sushi, teriyaki and tempura certainly is at the top of the list for many. Tempura has always been on the very top of my list of favorite foods- in fact my entire family is crazy about these deep-…

Sousababy's Valentine's Gourmet Treat Basket for $10 (or less)

4. Sousababy’s Valentine’s Gourmet Treat Basket for $10 (or less)

I was browsing the selection of Valentine’s Day gourmet gift baskets and found this FTD Flowers Flowers Valentines Strawberry Decadence (Ultimate) most inspiring. It gave me the idea to create my own version (which cost me about $10). I already use En…

Toronto the Beautiful

5. Toronto the Beautiful

and I’m proud to say that Toronto is one of them. Oh we have our gaffes and foibles happening that make the world turn around and take a look, but all in all, I can honestly say that we have a great city. Is it perfect? NO! but in the grand scheme of…

The Big Tease, I Won't Dance. Don't Ask Me

6. The Big Tease, I Won’t Dance. Don’t Ask Me

‘I wonât dance. Donât ask me. ‘ Ginger Rogers in a slinky, low- cut white gown interrupts Fred Astaire to show him what he’s missing ‘by refusing to dance with me. ‘ It’s 1935, and…

Ballet Butter Chicken

7. Ballet Butter Chicken

When my daughter was 14- years old, she became an apprentice to a ballet company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Now we had to drive to the city theater against the stream of commuter traffic where she pounded sprung- floors in petal- pink toe- shoes. Ballet, b…

Step by Step Lamp Repair

8. Step by Step Lamp Repair

Building or repairing a lamp for your home is not hard to do. The principles are easy and all you need is a screw driver, wire clipper and some sense on putting a parts puzzle together. Measuring, a vision, and where to buy lamp parts helps the process mov…

Kid Music Series: Meaningful Music for Black History Month

9. Kid Music Series: Meaningful Music for Black History Month

Want to supplement your class with meaningful songs for Black History Month? Want background music that will liven up your family discussions at the dinner table? Introduction: The American experience is constantly evolving. We look at our lives, argue abo…

Mongolian Beef Rice Bowl

10. Mongolian Beef Rice Bowl

When I am craving a meal with a bit of heat, I often turn to this simple Mongolian Beef recipe. I used to reserve this meal for the times when I dined out at my favorite Chinese restaurant. Now that I live in a place where there are far fewer Asian food op…

St. Patrick's Day Gift Ideas and Party Decorations

11. St. Patrick’s Day Gift Ideas and Party Decorations

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most commonly celebrated holidays. In modern society most people celebrate it by having parties, attending parades, or spending the day at a bar. Of course, the original intent of the holiday was to pay tribute to the l…

New Orleans Gifts

12. New Orleans Gifts

As a New Orleanian who has worked retail in the French Quarter and on Magazine Street for a number of years, I often interact with tourists who are looking for truly unique New Orleans souvenirs. I always give them my best advice, and try to help them stee…

15 Classic Free Jazz Albums You Need In Your Collection

13. 15 Classic Free Jazz Albums You Need In Your Collection

Free jazz or avant- garde jazz are similar, along with post bop they have many things in common, but you really can separate the forms into distinct categories. Free Jazz is indeed freer, and at times wilder and even over the top with its expression of the…

Upcycle Your Magazines Into Fine Art

14. Upcycle Your Magazines Into Fine Art

I have been a dabbler for a long time. There is something very appealing about turning trash into treasure. Although I have been an artist for a long time, I never really tried collage before a couple years ago but now Iâm hooked. I look for…

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    These are great, I like the magazine art idea, very creative.

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    I like the wrench hanging idea too. I’m a woodworker as well.

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