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Fabulous New Lenses for the Week of Jan 13

The Safest Cookware For You and Your Family

1. The Safest Cookware For You and Your Family

Do you remember what your grandma used to cook with? My Grammy had a hardy collection of cookware and I can still visualize what she used to cook with for certain dishes. She had the monster stainless steel wok for making us Asian style stir fry using all…

I'm the "Man's Best Friend" Contributor on Squidoo

2. I’m the “Man’s Best Friend” Contributor on Squidoo

I have lived with dogs all my life. When I was young, we always had a family dog at home and I remember bringing back any stray puppy I found, in the hope of keeping it. Unfortunately we always had to rehome them, because living in an apartment back then,…

Canadian Tar Sands Pipeline: Can we Afford the Cost?

3. Canadian Tar Sands Pipeline: Can we Afford the Cost?

The current oil sands pipeline promotion run by the Canadian Conservative party is beginning to look a lot like a very expensive brainwashing campaign. The message being sent is big oil equals big business and the commercials focus on images of clean ocean…

I'm the "Coast-to-Coast US" Travel Contributor on Squidoo

4. I’m the “Coast-to-Coast US” Travel Contributor on Squidoo

My travel experiences started locally, going from my town to the village where my Mum’s family lived and the city where my Dad’s family lived. Then it expanded to regional travel, attending church conferences in different American cities each yea…

The Dancing Bull

5. The Dancing Bull

This story might seem quite unbelievable but it is true and was my own delightful experience that I want to share with others. This took place near a little town in Wisconsin. I have driven by the Accelerated Genetics Company many times where they keep a h…

Norwegian Marinated Leg of Lamb

6. Norwegian Marinated Leg of Lamb

While working towards my cultural skills pin for Sons of Norway, I came across a recipe for marinated lamb in a recipe book, Scandinavian Feasts by Beatrice Ojakangas. The recipe described an old Norwegian method of preserving meat by placing it in a conta…

Easy Shortbread Recipe in 3-2-1!

7. Easy Shortbread Recipe in 3-2-1!

My boyfriend mentioned that he had tried some lavender shortbread a while ago and as I know shortbread is one of his favorite luxuries, I decided I needed to perfect my own version for my next visit! I dug through some old, handwritten recipes from my Mum&…

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad

8. Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad

Over the Christmas holidays my family was fortunate enough to receive the Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad. The recent arctic blast, or Polar Vortex as I have seen it called, came very shortly on the heels of the New Year’s celebration and the heated mattr…

Incredibly Delicious Roasted Vegetable Soup

9. Incredibly Delicious Roasted Vegetable Soup

In my quest to lose weight, I’ve turned to making soups 3 nights a week. John and I love coming up with new recipes and this roasted vegetable soup is one of our favorites. It’s not only totally delicious, but it’s also very healthy for you,…

See's Chocolates, a Special Treat

10. See’s Chocolates, a Special Treat

A special person in my life just loves See’s Chocolates. This time last year, I was having a phone chat with an old friend family friend. She’s in her late 80′s and still going strong. During the course of the conversation, she went on at so…

Katch-A-Meal Kitty Food Dispenser

11. Katch-A-Meal Kitty Food Dispenser

I love SlimCat interactive feeder ball, but my greedy and cunning cat might think otherwise. Getting food used to be so easy ; just annoy the human being in the room! Honestly, why would I care about what my cat thinks of it? I am the head of the household…

Make Papertoy Monsters!

12. Make Papertoy Monsters!

We have two 13- year- old daughters that sometimes need something to do. One hates TV, which is not a bad thing, but she becomes the complaining party pooper when we have family movie night. Our other daughter loves TV and we have to restrict her watching…

I'm the "Committed Vegan" Contributor on Squidoo

13. I’m the “Committed Vegan” Contributor on Squidoo

I became a vegetarian because I knew it was what my body wanted. I never liked meat and I didn’t eat much of it. The only reason I ate any at all was because my family did (convenience and habit, you know). Eventually I got to a place where I had to l…

How To Grow A Lemon Tree Anywhere

14. How To Grow A Lemon Tree Anywhere

One of my craziest container garden projects has been this beloved lemon tree. I brought the little tree home a little over three years ago, and it finally produced fruit in the spring of 2013. I do not know what possessed me to buy it, but I am glad I did…

I'm the "Crafty Kids" Contributor on Squidoo

15. I’m the “Crafty Kids” Contributor on Squidoo

I am a very creative soul who lives to craft, sharing my love of crafting with my children ever since they were wee children. Long gone are the days of simple, cut and paste type crafts that served no purpose other than to decorate my fridge and walls, tug…

I'm the "Books For Kids" Contributor on Squidoo

16. I’m the “Books For Kids” Contributor on Squidoo

I am delighted you have come along with me on this adventure into a world of books for kids that will have their imaginations running wild. I do believe a book for a child to be instrumental in filling a youthful mind with knowledge through fun learning, a…

I'm the "Soups On" Contributor on Squidoo

17. I’m the “Soups On” Contributor on Squidoo

It’s no secret that I love to cook, and create new recipes, especially when it comes to soup. If I were to write the meaning for soup in the dictionary it would go like this: Comfort food for all and any occasion. My grandmothers on both sides of my f…

Power Packed Healthy Lunch or Dinner

18. Power Packed Healthy Lunch or Dinner

This is a power packed lunch that I love to eat and I’m going to share it with you. Please ignore my plastic prisonware plates (lol) – I love that they keep my foods separate, so I use them whenever I have side dishes with my main course. This lunch -…

Making Beautiful Compost with the Envirocycle Original Composter

19. Making Beautiful Compost with the Envirocycle Original Composter

A few years ago, a friend asked me to build a small garden in her backyard. She wanted a raised garden bed set up next to the patio. She wanted a place to relax, enjoy her plants and take in the evening air. We talked about the materials she would need to…

John Coltrane A Love Supreme: An Unlikely Plantinum Jazz Record

20. John Coltrane A Love Supreme: An Unlikely Plantinum Jazz Record

Did you know that John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme is the second best selling modern jazz record of all time? Only Kind of Blue from Miles Davis has sold more. A Love Supreme released in 1965 had actually sold half a million copies by 1970, an astoundin…

The Best Style for Older Men

21. The Best Style for Older Men

As a man who will not see 50 again, and who is perfectly fine with that, I’m aware that dressing well as we age can be a little tricky. Last decade’s suit and casual combos may not be quite as appropriate as you think they are! We can always do b…

Life After Deployment : A Practical Guide

22. Life After Deployment : A Practical Guide

My daughter came home from Afghanistan at the end of March 2011. She was a soldier in the United States Army National Guard, deployed with her unit. She saw things that she had never seen before: stark poverty, maimed and dead bodies and sudden tragedies f…

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