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Because of Squidoo, We Have Been Changed For Good

3161666413_064b32e92f_oI love Wicked, the musical and especially the song For Good. My favorite lyric from the song says, Because I knew you, I have been changed for good.

I was inspired by those words to ask our Giants to share a reason or two about how Squidoo might have changed them for good and here’s what they had to say:

The various quests on Squidoo have provided me with the incentive to write about topics that I never would’ve considered; plus, their point and trophy reward system makes writing fun. In addition, the opportunity to participate as the “Disco Queen 70′s Contributor” has given me a reason to continue “Dancing Through Life” (I also love Wicked). ~DebW07

Squidoo has brought me out from under the bushel where I was hiding and given me the confidence to write and grow. Even more it’s given me the gift of sharing, something I never expected. ~Merrci

Squidoo is my life, I love every minute I spend writing commenting, making new friends all around the world. We have such a wonderful group of writers, I personally feel they are all part of my family, I have got to know them so well..
I would be lost without Squidoo, it keeps me young and my mind active in old age. ~Kiwinana71

Squidoo and the support of this fabulous community gave me renewed hope that I can do anything I put my mind to, even as a budding Senior Citizen. After a difficult layoff and job search during the height of the most recent recession, I was determined to exploit my entrepreneurial spirit…. Squidoo has allowed me to do that; I’m truly grateful. ~fullofshoes

Squidoo has helped me define myself in a way that is true to who I am. Although we are many things in this life, honing our true inner passion can sometimes be challenging, especially when life gets in the way..we’re so busy doing, we forget to ‘be who we are meant to be’ – Squidoo has helped me not only stay on track, but find that track again..the one that’s been in my heart all along. I wrote this well over 15 years ago, and Squidoo has helped me to remember my own words: “The voyage traveled is my narrative, remembering who I am imperative, it is my contribution to this place I signature in stone, it is not the battles failed, it is the journey flown’ – Thank you Squidoo ~Brite-Ideas

I have been blessed with many talents and interests by God but I was getting really tired of people trying to ‘pigeon hole’ me. Either this OR that; not both or all of them. Squidoo has been a liberating experience for me! I am able to express myself about ALL (yes, each and every single one of my interests) without having to ‘cut out’ parts of me. I am also a continuous learner, so I am also able to explore other interests through the ‘expert eyes’ of my fellow lensmasters who share so passionately about what they love and have learned. I am a whole person here! So, yes, I have been changed for good! ~FreshStart7

Squidoo has given me a “home” for my online presence in crochet design and dog rescue. I no longer maintain separate websites for each, because there is simply no need. My whole life is on Squidoo!

I keep a mindset I call “Squidooing.” As I go about my life, I make it a point to think, “Would this activity/thing/place/whatever make a good lens?” My phone camera journals everything I do, and it later turns into Squidoo lenses!

My 330+ active lenses on Squidoo are finally starting to produce some actual income for my dog rescue! It’s small, granted… but it’s steadily growing and will always be there. Every lens I write is a seed planted for the future. All I have to do is care for it, keep it updated and fresh, promote it, and it will keep attracting readers. ~SheilaSchnauzies

Squidoo has given me the courage to pursue the life I’ve always dreamed of and I will forever be grateful for that. ~Smine27

Feel free to add your own thoughts about how Squidoo has changed you for good in the comments here.

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Robin Svedi aka rms is a Community Organizer and member of the Creative Team at where her daily mission is to help lensmasters build better and more successful lenses about the things they know and love.

  • RenaissanceWoman2010

    Squidoo brought me back to my first love… writing. It has made me braver about being who I am. Squidoo opened the floodgates on the creativity that had been dammed up inside for way too many years.

  • grammieo

    Squidoo has given me the pleasure of finding out that I really like to tell my stories and share insights on all kinds of topics. When I wrote my first lens, I just needed to see the words so that I could claim them and the feelings that were attached to them. Since that time, I have shared so much more……….and learnt so much too! What a trip, swimming in the waters with all my friends “the squids”, big ones, little ones, baby ones, all of them! They are special to me!

    • RenaissanceWoman2010

      Love what you said about seeing the words… claiming them… owning the feelings attached to them. Powerful!

    • Marlene McPherson

      “I just needed to see the words so that I could claim them and the feelings that were attached to them” Well said grammieo! Ditto!

  • RubyHRose

    Squidoo is my inspiration, my favorite place to put thoughts to the page in a colorful, creative way. I am learning so many ways of sharing and communicating that wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t of come here to experience and learn to do all these amazingly cool things.

  • smine27

    It’s amazing what something seemingly simple like Squidoo can do to one’s life. It sure has been a journey for me, an eye-opening one for myself. I also feel blessed for being surrounded by all the beautiful squids in this community. Every single squid puts a bright smile on my face :)

  • Susan Deppner

    These lensmasters said it so well and echo many of my thoughts about writing on Squidoo. Great read! I love my Squidoo family!

  • Tom Maybrier

    I like that everyone’s answer is slightly different. Squidoo can be a very personal journey, depending on what you want out it.

  • egrojsavir

    Squidoo is a challenge for me. A go see if I have what it takes to accept it and come forward, to build and build for writing. We will see …..

  • AlleyCatLane

    Squidoo has given me a creative outlet since I retired. I especially love being able to meet and make friends with people from all over the world. If I need some information, advice, a good book to read or or a recipe, Squidoo is the first place I go to look for it.

  • JasonEaves

    I feel so inspired by how Squidoo has help you. Thanks. Now I’ve got work to do!

  • paperfacets

    Since 2006 I have been fully involved with Squidoo. I enjoy writing using the lens format and the community. I love how the platform is not static and brings new challenges through changes and new features. My understanding about the Internet and what it has to offer was all learned with my association with Squidoo.

  • cercis70

    Thank you so much for gathering these comments! For my part, Squidoo allows me to write about things I love that I doubt I could find a place to publish them!

  • bestshampoo

    yes we change for the gretest

  • hjohn1024

    I am fairly new on Squidoo but already I am feeling the passion of being changed for good. I really love the idea of being able to express myself through lenses on all areas of interest. I also love the fact that there are always persons who have and share similar interests in whatever topic I may write.

    It’s great being a part of this community and I look forward to growing and expanding my horizon through writing.

  • IamPrincess

    Since squidoo, your ideas and expressions are never been given points and rewards!

  • mcfitz

    I’m a pretty new member of Squidoo, but these Giants are so inspiring! Thanks for sharing this.

  • Piper950

    Squidoo helps me writes. I didn’t think I could write untll I tried writing lens. The challenge for this year is to write more. So here’s hoping. Thank you.

  • Lionrhod

    I’m still pretty new to Squidoo, (less than a month) and I’m loving it! As a RocketSquid all the prompts I’m getting are making me waaaay prolific, and getting me to think about things I might not have focused on. I have so many ideas for lenses that I ended up getting a to-do list program to organize them all. The community here is also amazing. I’m meeting so many wonderful people and getting a chance to learn about their lives and ideas. What a fantastic, creative site!

  • Mickie_G

    I have been writing here since 2006 and have learned so much by being a part of this website. I continue to recommend Squidoo to friends because it is so easy to compose an article and feel proud of the result.

  • superpuran

    its to good

  • Marlene McPherson

    I always knew that I would like to make Squidoo my writing home for my niche because of the awesome community involved here. But since I’ve joined the RocketSquids, my writing overall has improved and I’m challenged to dig deep to write about things I never would have thought about on my own. Definitely changed for the gooder! Thanks to the GiantSquids who’ve swum the waters before us and parted the stream, leaving the wake for us to fill with our own awesomeness!

  • Anonymous831

    Squidoo has given me the chance to express myself through my writing in a way I could never do in person.

  • Wordstock

    Introvert at heart, at Squidoo, I can be the extrovert I always wanted to be.

  • brantleygilbertfan12

    I enjoyed reading your writing and seeing these words made me smile and be special to me

  • jennifertyree

    I’ve enjoyed seeing the different things people create lens’ about.. Love this site: )

  • DownToEarthLiving

    Squidoo has given me the opportunity to develop my love of writing while sharing my many interests.

  • eiramarie_0726

    Squidoo have been a great help for me for finding a talent in me that I was never imagined before and that was writing my thought and sharing… Thank you

  • Victoriamona

    Squidoo is really awesome, I have a long time not write anything at all. In this site, I remembered the joy from writing, sharing and relaxing. With this space, knowing that i can share some beautiful things, I feel really excited. I will keep writing and sharing~

  • shermanmorrison

    It was really nice to read all these wonderful comments about how Squidoo has changed people for good. Thanks to all for sharing! — Sherman

  • katiesnow

    I love to write but hate to be boxed in a corner that only allows me to write certain things, Squidoo lets us write whatever makes us happy!

  • artbyrodriguez

    This really is inspirational! It’s wonderful to hear all these thoughts and feelings,

  • artbyrodriguez

    This really is inspirational! It’s wonderful to hear all these thoughts and feelings,

  • kellylakelly

    I am brand new to this, with only one lens to my name, but I know in my heart that Squidoo will be wonderful for me today and over time. It will allow me to write down all my recipes. It will give me the “voice ” and chance to share my ideas and creativity with others. I have enjoyed cooking since I was a teen and now I am finally able to get them out of my head and hopefully out to people that can enjoy them and maybe even learn a bit from them. Maybe take the stress out of yummy cooking. I hope one day to write more about my other loves as well. I am thinking of this as a journey.. a fun filled, long and winding road for me to learn more about myself and the other people who are involved in this wonderful community.

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