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6 Projects and Gifts for Creative Kids

From the RocketSquids, here are 6 ideas for your creative kid (or just for you!).

Crayola Light Designer - the perfect children's gift

1. Crayola Light Designer – the perfect children’s gift

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a child on your holiday season list? Or do you need to find a fun birthday present for a niece, nephew, son, daughter, grandchild, or child’s friend? Well, I have found the PERFECT solution! The Crayola Light D…

Origami Christmas Tree Star

2. Origami Christmas Tree Star

I’m really feeling the Christmas spirit this year :) Yesterday I felt in a rather crafty mood (hands- on making things kind of crafty, not the deceiving kind). I googled origami Christmas ornaments and found a tutorial for making an origami star for h…

Star Wars Origami

3. Star Wars Origami

From the founder of starwarsorigami. com, Chris Alexander brings us this collection of 36 origami designs with a Star Wars theme. Chris Alexander is a master folder after beginning at only age four and now specializes in Star Wars designs. The instructions…

Play-doh Mega Pack

4. Play-doh Mega Pack

I wish this pack was around when my kids were small, the colors then were very basic and if you wanted something different you had to blend them yourself. This box contains thirty six three ounce cans, that means thirty six different, great colors! My kids…

Rainbow Loom - The Hottest Toy of the Season

5. Rainbow Loom – The Hottest Toy of the Season

Marketed towards girls aged 8 to 13, I can tell you that this popular toy is a hit with boys in that age category as well. The Rainbow Loom encourages creativity and cooperation among kids. The Rainbow Loom encourages creative expression through fashion. K…

Crochet Art for Kids by 4M

6. Crochet Art for Kids by 4M

When I was young, my grandmother tried several times to teach me how to crochet as it was a favorite pasttime of hers. I found it difficult to understand and even boring at times. She focused mainly on making doilies which we didn’t use in our home so…

  • rms

    Fun stuff! Nice work all.

  • Susan52

    What great craft and even gift ideas!

  • kiwinana71

    Nice variety of creative gifts for kids, I wouldn’t mind doing some of these myself.

  • grammieo

    I like them all!

  • getmoreinfo

    Aww the crochet art is so cute for kids

  • bargainrun

    Cool and fun stuff..

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