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5 More Helpful Gardening Club Lenses

In addition to today’s Lens of the Day, I thought you might enjoy reading a few more of the lenses we received from members of the Gardening Club for last month’s quest.

I’m especially in love with that adorable mannequin garden planter. How about you?

How To Make A Dress Mannequin Garden Planter

1. How To Make A Dress Mannequin Garden Planter

The first time I saw this project was on Pinterest and I fell in love with it. I saw several pins, but when I clicked on the instructions I either got someone who was selling it, no step by step instructions or the instructions were no good. I was on my ow…

Transition From Container Garden To Plots In 5 Easy Moves

2. Transition From Container Garden To Plots In 5 Easy Moves

I am so very excited about my gardening efforts for 2014. This year I am making the transition from container gardening to plots in about 5 easy moves. The past few years have bound my garden to a small patio. This year, I have room to run. Starting a gard…

Easy Plant Multiplication!

3. Easy Plant Multiplication!

I love springtime and the rebirth of everything in the garden. But I also love how my houseplants react to the increased light, especially daylight hours. What happens is that they start to branch out, fill out and become much more full and vibrant. But th…

Getting those tomato seeds in early enough

4. Getting those tomato seeds in early enough

This is the time of year when I feel the need to get my tomato seeds in, as I like the plants to reach at least 15to 18 inches in height before I plant them out. They need to be sewn in the first half of March because it can take up to eight weeks for the…

Spring Gardening, Tomatoes

5. Spring Gardening, Tomatoes

` Even as winter spends it’s last gasp, it’s time to think about those planting those tomatoes for the spring. Depending upon where you live, you can start them inside your house or outside. If the weather permits starting them outside, (and you…


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  • Robert Connor

    It’s that time of year thanks for the nice lens!

  • knowledgetoday

    I particularly enjoyed the mannequin garden planter idea. What a pleasant twist and setting it by the swimming pool makes for great fun. There is so much that can be done with this idea. Love it.

  • M Burgess

    Wow, sorry been extremely busy with work! Thank you for the feature! Happy gardening… =)

  • grammieo

    Just noticed my lens right up here, thanks for the feature…….I was wondering why all the increased interest. I appreciate all you do for us…..

  • aswahayah

    particularly love the first one ,

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