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19 Lensmasters Share THEIR Stories

Don’t let the title of this post fool you, the following lenses were created for a recent Squidquest that asked lensmasters to share a story about someone else.

Many of these stories contain interesting tidbits of family history that you will never read anywhere else. Make time to visit each of them today. You won’t regret it.

Dragged Around by an Angry shark and more Masirah Memories.

1. Dragged Around by an Angry shark and more Masirah Memories.

To give a little background to this lens, please be aware that RAF Masirah – located on the island of Masirah, off the East coast of Oman in the Arabian Sea – which was a staging post between global bases, and I was stationed there between 1973 and 74. The…

The Strength of Character

2. The Strength of Character

On May 2, 2014, my grandfather was going to be 102 years old. Edward Owen Carter (called ‘Ted’ by most, but ‘Grampy’ by me) was my dad’s stepfather: a patient, kind, and thoughtful man whose gentleness has ensured his special place…

Join the 52 Ancestor Challenge

3. Join the 52 Ancestor Challenge

Amy Johnson Crow started a challenge that has genealogy bloggers hard at work. In January 2014, she started the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks project. Other bloggers found her suggestion inspiring and joined in. The concept is to write a blog post each week abo…

William Wallace

4. William Wallace

I was happily trotting back through the leaves in my paternal family tree when I discovered William Wallace. I had seen the movie Braveheart and I knew that many of my ancestors came from Scotland. Scotland is not a huge country and in my genealogy searche…

A Family Search Finds a Hero

5. A Family Search Finds a Hero

Memories are unreliable records of history but we still hold them dear. In the case of my Uncle Bill I have shadowy memories of a man with a huge smile and wonderful hugs. He was always at the 4th of July parade on a fire engine waving an American flag, hi…

A Story About My Mother

6. A Story About My Mother

My mother was born in January, sometime shortly after the second world war in a small town called Okitsu- a quaint seaside town in the city of Shizuoka, known for it’s abundant seafood, fresh wasabi and delicious green tea. She was part of a large fam…

My Father Believed He Was An Alien

7. My Father Believed He Was An Alien

As I turned the key and unlocked the door I remembered that my Father was dead. Coming home late at night from work, I could hear Dad playing Rouvan’s ‘My Own True Love’, as I parked my car in its spot. Rouvan was singing much too loudly for…

My Family Story As I Know It

8. My Family Story As I Know It

I remember those days growing up alone. The only boy of the family. I was a latch key kid. A good brother too. We often would cut through the old orchard with my sisters from the elementary school. My family was an odd family. But most of all, I miss my Je…

Snodland...One Boy's Tale!

9. Snodland…One Boy’s Tale!

‘You can go other places, all right – you can live on the other side of the world, but you can’t ever leave home’ – Sue Monk Kidd, The Mermaid Chair. Home is where the heart is? Cliché isn’t it? Yes it is, but also quite ac…

A family Story

10. A family Story

. being the grandson of English and Scottish immigrants in Argentina. On my mother’s side, my granny was Charlotte Jane McCulloch and my Grandpa was Philip Duncan Hussey. Now, this surname Hussey turned out to be an invented one, since it is a family…

My Pioneer Ancestors

11. My Pioneer Ancestors

In the late 1700’s, the French controlled territory known as the Territory of Louisiana was transferred to Spain as part of the 1763 settlement to end the Seven Years’ War. After that time the Spanish authorities in the territory were encou…

The Grandmother I Never Knew

12. The Grandmother I Never Knew

My parents had three children, and I am the youngest. They had been married about 10 years at the time I was born. All of my grandparents had passed away before my birth. I missed not having any grandparents as a child, particularly because all of my frien…

My Grandpas, My Heroes!

13. My Grandpas, My Heroes!

When the world goes crazy around you, you have a choice to make! You can either go crazy with it, or you can stand your ground and do what you know is right and good. That was my Grandpa Moesch and my Grandpa Moser and while I did not know them personally,…

Primary Pulmonary Hypertension - My Mom's Story

14. Primary Pulmonary Hypertension – My Mom’s Story

This is a short introduction to my beautiful Mother and the ugly disease called primary pulmonary hypertension. I’m not really going to go in depth about the disease in this information but I will link you to some information that you can learn more a…

A Family Of Artists

15. A Family Of Artists

Everyone knows that people have certain common characteristics and habits that run in the family. One family member may be good at sports and so was his/her grandfather, another family may be good at the arts Just like your height and shape is similar from…

Villa in the Park ~ Adele von Dietel

16. Villa in the Park ~ Adele von Dietel

This lens is about my family genealogy connection of a Villa and Park named von Dietel. The story is a continuation of newly found information from my last lens ‘Photographer Adolph de Meyer’ Again I’m pleased finding artistic or social impr…

Indonesian Independance War through the eyes of my Dad

17. Indonesian Independance War through the eyes of my Dad

Like so many soldiers, my dad Synco Schram de Jong, was listed as a reserve to fight the Indonesian Independance War (IIR) during 1946 and 1949. My dad was an artist, a painter and besides the fighting, that’s what he did: he painted the War as he saw…

My Dad Was An International Traveler

18. My Dad Was An International Traveler

‘This is your captain speaking. ‘ My dad heard this a thousand times during his career as a traveling aircraft mechanic. Come take a peek at one year in the life of this globe- trotting working man. The year is 1969. While the world watched astro…

A Tribute To My Parents

19. A Tribute To My Parents

We were just your average family in small town America. This is a picture of my mom and dad on their wedding day. They were married in 1943 while my dad was in the Navy. My parents were born and raised in New Castle Pennsylvania; as a matter of fact they l…

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