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18 Favorite Romance Movies

Somewhere In Time Review

1. Somewhere In Time Review

For me to review this movie ‘Somewhere In Time’ I will probably get a little ‘sappy and mushy. ‘ My sister told me about this movie years ago and I set out to find it and watch it. From that time on I honestly cannot count the number of…

The Romantic Movie Where you Buy your own Date

2. The Romantic Movie Where you Buy your own Date

A romance isn’t really a romance unless the damsel is thoroughly and properly rescued. Every good romance movie has that moment where the guy stands up for the girl. He takes her side and stays there, having her back. It gives me that warm feeling eve…

The Vow (2012) Movie Review

3. The Vow (2012) Movie Review

Just reading the title ‘The Vow’ you already know that it’s a romance, one that takes romance and love seriously. This movie is a love story inspired and based on a real- life story. The story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter, yes even their na…

The Gloriously Touching Romance of the  Movie Ghost

4. The Gloriously Touching Romance of the Movie Ghost

Where does one begin to touch upon the unbelievable pathos and power that is contained in this most iconic of movies? From the moment the restless soul of Sam – played wonderfully by Patrick Swayze – the boyfriend of the delectable Molly ( Demi Moore in on…

Inconceivable!  The Princess Bride

5. Inconceivable! The Princess Bride

My fiance and I were walking hand in hand through the nearly empty mall in Winnipeg, Manibotba. As we passed the posters for the theatre, we saw the now- iconic image of Farm Boy Wesley and Buttercup in a tender moment. Minutes later, we were sitting in th…

Gone With The Wind - A Fiery Romance

6. Gone With The Wind – A Fiery Romance

Gone With The Wind is a truly Epic movie that has it all. Romance, greed, evil and tragedy is all in the movie. The story is about Scarlett O’Hara and her one true love Rhett Butler. Theirs is a passionate yet tragic love affair that goes wrong at eve…

Puppy Love

7. Puppy Love

What can I say about Lady and the Tramp? This movie is an all time classic. It has romance, comedy, spunk and is just an all around good time. This movie since I was a little girl has been my all time favorite. I am currently pushing my thirties and I will…

Breaking Dawn Part 2!

8. Breaking Dawn Part 2!

Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward? I have been Team Jacob since the beginning! This movie would make a GREAT Christmas present for all ages! It’s a family friendly movie that everyone will enjoy. This was a great way to end the series! You think every…

The Time Traveler's Wife

9. The Time Traveler’s Wife

This movie turned out to be much better than I had anticipated. It was funny at times, extremely romantic, and just down- right tear jerking. I loved how real the movie felt. It was like I had known these two people my whole life, and they seemed like they…


The Bridges of Madison County

11. The Bridges of Madison County

I loved this movie because not only was the acting and storyline great but it brought together two (2) of my favourite actors – Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood. In the movie Clint Eastwood acts as Robert Kinkaid; a roving photographer employed by the Natio…

The best movie ending - ever!

12. The best movie ending – ever!

YES, THAT’S RIGHT – the best movie ending ever! But we will come to that later. Released in 1982 by Paramount Pictures, An Officer and a Gentleman starred Richard Gere, Debra Winger and Louis Gossett Jnr in the story of a young man seeking a better li…

Top Gun-unforgetful magical days-embedded in my memory

14. Top Gun-unforgetful magical days-embedded in my memory

Top Gun was a life changing movie for me. As I had just entered my teenage years and metamorphosing into an adult (that was what I thought then), I was beginning to discover a whole world. My raging hormones made me repulsive and unpredictable and I was in…

Somewhere In Time-With a Room Full of Daughters and A Television

15. Somewhere In Time-With a Room Full of Daughters and A Television

Having a house full of daughters always brought us together at the TV for an evening of romance movies. Living in a house with only daughters is a unique experience and I often felt sorry for my husband. He was always voted out on movie night, there were n…

The GoodBye Girl, Neil Simon at his very best

16. The GoodBye Girl, Neil Simon at his very best

I was not a huge fan of Neil Simon, I think I may have been too young for some of his work, but this small romance is for anybody of any age, and I love Neil now for writing it! Starring the sassy Marsha Mason, one of my heroes Richard Dreyfuss and witty c…

Awkward first date perfect movie

17. Awkward first date perfect movie

Since most people have already seen The Princess Bride, I couldn’t possibly give an adequate review seeing that everyone has their own favorite part and references are always being made to quotes such as, ‘Inconceivable! ‘ Or, ‘I do not…

Gone with the Wind: A Flower That Stays Strong During the Storm

18. Gone with the Wind: A Flower That Stays Strong During the Storm

A movie I know I should have watched a long time ago, instead I got introduced to it just a few months ago. I’m definitely not a romance lover, I find the genre truly and utterly boring, so for someone like me to say positive things about a romance mo…

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