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11 Easy Desserts For You To Love

As the weather begins to warm up, or cool down, depending on where you live, there’s nothing better than a nice easy dessert to settle the stomach after a nice meal.

Here’s 11 easy and delicious dessert recipes for you to try. These were all created for last week’s What’s Cooking at Squidoo Quest.

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Easy Rice Pudding

1. Easy Rice Pudding

It has taken me years to perfect a rice pudding recipe that is rich, creamy and contain no eggs. I also wanted one that was a breeze to prepare. I just made this last week and posted this recipe with it’s picture on facebook for my friends and distant…

Saporous No-Bake Papaya Pineapple Poppy Oatmeal Cookies

2. Saporous No-Bake Papaya Pineapple Poppy Oatmeal Cookies

I had a sweet tooth tonight and wanted something without having to put in the oven. I scoward into my cupboards and found I could do a no- bake cookie pronto. And thusly I made the following. On a sidenote: I know this recipe has been around in different v…

Marshmallow Treats

3. Marshmallow Treats

Rice Krispies Treats or its generic name marshmallow treats were always a family favorite dessert growing up. We would gather around our mother while she was stirring the gooey mixture and sneak bits when she wasn’t looking. The best part was the litt…

Sweet Avocado Cream - A Delicious Dessert

4. Sweet Avocado Cream – A Delicious Dessert

I have to admit I was skeptical the first time I tried this dessert. One of my volunteers wanted to treat the office to something special that she had learned from Filipino co- workers many years before. She told me it had avocado in it and even though I l…

Sour Cream Cranberry Bars

5. Sour Cream Cranberry Bars

I was looking for a new dessert recipe and this is what I found; Sour Cream Cranberry Bars. It’s really simple to make, I don’t have fresh dried cranberries but the next best thing is craisins. I know cranberries seem like a Fall time fruit but w…

Dry Ice Ice Cream

6. Dry Ice Ice Cream

Have you ever tried dry ice ice cream? It’s not ‘dry’ in the sense of lacking water, it contains dry ice that gives it a bit of a carbonated taste, like soda. It’s a great addition to fruity ice cream flavors like raspberry, strawberry…

Chocolate Rum Balls

7. Chocolate Rum Balls

As with all my great recipes this one was passed down from my mother, who had a knack for making delicious treats for us that were so simple and easy I find them a joy to make. I think having so many children meant she had to source recipes that she could…

Fast and Frugal Chocolate Mock Cake with Cherry Surprise - A Demo with Printable Instructions

8. Fast and Frugal Chocolate Mock Cake with Cherry Surprise – A Demo with Printable Instructions

Here you will find a very quick and easy dessert. It tastes great, is easy to prepare and very affordable to make. In this house, we are huge on anything chocolate. While I like making real chocolate cakes oftentimes, this ‘mock’ cake is my go to…

Peanut Butter Butterscotch Krispy Bars

9. Peanut Butter Butterscotch Krispy Bars

Rice Krispy Treats Upgraded Need a quick, sweet snack that will please both the kids and the grownups? One of my go- to bars might just do the trick, and it is simple to tweak the recipe to make it gluten free. Crunchy, salty, sweet and topped with chocola…

Real Easy Vegan Apple Dessert and Cashew Cream Topping

10. Real Easy Vegan Apple Dessert and Cashew Cream Topping

This is a really simple and quick dessert to knock together. We found the basic recipe ‘Cara’s Apple Strudel’ in the Eat To live cookbook by Joel Fuhrman M. D. We arrived on using Honey Crisp apples by trial and error. The raisins add sweetn…

5-Minute Peanut Butter, Jelly & Banana Parfait

11. 5-Minute Peanut Butter, Jelly & Banana Parfait

Now and then, I’m faced with the challenge of whipping up something sweet at the last minute and most of the time I surprise myself with what I come up with. Today was no exception. A friend came over for a chat and for the first time in ages, I didn&…

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