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Community Lensmaking Quest: Review It!

8344048410_176048abb9_zHey Squids.  We want to know what you’ve been shopping for lately.

Have you recently purchased a new computer?  An exciting book?  A pet product… like today’s Lens of the Day?  Or maybe you’ve been shopping for school supplies or baby shower gifts?

Whatever it is that you’ve recently purchased, we’d like to see your personal review about it.

Did you love or hate that new movie?  Were you delighted or disappointed with that new electronic gadget?  Is the KitchenAid brand mixer really worth the money you spent on it?

To complete this quest, create a new lens about something you recently purchased.  The item can be something large or small… in size or in price.  We want to know your honest opinion and we’d love to see a photo or two if possible.

The key to this quest is in the writing.  Use your own words to tell us about the item.  Think about the things you’d tell a friend if they asked you about the product and share that on your page.

Here’s an example of a personally written review.

You can create a traditional lens using the link on your dashboard, or you can use our Product Review format by starting your lens HERE.

When you’re finished, share the link in the comments below.  One or two or several of us might be getting ready to buy the same thing and we’d love to know your opinion of it first

Next Friday, we’ll grab a handful of the lenses we receive from this quest and show them off right here at SquidooHQ.

Original Image Source (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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