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Community Lensmaking Quest: Reading Recommendations By The Numbers

9728631593_3977ec65f9_zHi all.  Have you read any good books lately?  What’s your favorite type of book to read?

To complete the Reading Recommendations By The Numbers Community Lensmaking Quest, we’re looking for a new lens by you that houses a list of books created around the niche topic of your choice.

Think Romance, Actor Biographies, Football, Self-Help, Camping, Horror  or maybe even Travel Guides and then provide a list of 3, 5 or maybe even 7 books that you’ve read in the topic.  You can pick any number of books to list, but for this quest, please don’t go any higher than 10.

Use Amazon modules to create your list and be sure to use the description areas of your Amazon modules to give a personal review of each book on your list.  Get creative and please do include other types of modules to add additional information about your topic and to make your lens more fun and interactive.

Most important, be personal in your Intro and all of your reviews.  We want to know what you personally thought of each book, not what the publisher has to say about it, and include a little bit about why you chose this topic.  Are you an expert?  Expat?  Lifetime reader on the subject?  Someone who just loves to read?

Here’s one by lindajm that you can visit for an example.

Title and Topic Ideas Might Include:
7 Great Books About Hawaii
6 Funny Books By First Time Authors
5 Vampires You Haven’t Met Yet
4 Love Stories To Make You Cry
3 Books You Must Read Before Visiting Canada
Or any number of books (up to 10) about any subject you like.

When your lens is complete, please return here and share the link in the comments section below.  Next week, we’ll grab a bunch of them to show off in a post right here at SquidooHQ.

Ready?  3.  2.  1.  Go make your lens!

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Robin Svedi aka rms is a Community Organizer and member of the Creative Team at where her daily mission is to help lensmasters build better and more successful lenses about the things they know and love.

  • britflorida

    Oh, this is lovely! The only problem is that I’ve just had eight ideas :)

    • rms


  • RenaissanceWoman2010

    My kind of quest.

    • rms

      Can’t wait to see your list.

  • 2enjoylife8

    This sounds fun! Thanks!

    • rms

      I’m glad you like it.

  • elynmac

    Good idea.

  • nancycarol

    Great ideas. Making my decision now as to what to write about. :-D

  • favored1

    I like the topic.

  • Merrci

    What a fun idea! Now to pick just one.

  • poetvix

    A new kind of quest. Very cool. This one should be fun.

  • mutter

    Hmm.. a different way to approach a lens. Got me thinking…

  • Titia

    LOL Amazon doesn’t sell the books I read. Nobody does sell them because they’re old books. Over time I’ve collected (and inherited) over a thousand books, so you can say I have my own library, but they’re all in Dutch and not available anymore.

    • rms

      Wow, that’s a huge library of books.

  • vothang123

    Topic Great

  • aswahayah

    wonderful ideal

  • Karen1960

    When’s the deadline, please?

    • rms

      One week. Which would be midnight on July 17th but we encourage anyone who wants to use this idea to create a new lens at any time.

  • danny-hoekema

    Great Quest! Time to rock n roll

  • danny-hoekema 5-books-that-will-change-your-life-81384

  • poetvix
  • partybuzz

    Question – what I have in mind is about several fiction books set in one country, but these books are all by the same author and are a series. Would that be ok for the quest?

    • rms

      Yes! Can’t wait to see it.

      • partybuzz

        Ok, thanks. :)

  • danny-hoekema
  • Vicki_P

    You know what, I did one, but not just like you instructed. I had forgotten, or it just didn’t register in my brain, that you said to make the list around an Amazon module list. I wrote more of a regular article and included Amazon modules with the books in them (or course). Oh well. I don’t think I’ll change it, since I made some special images for my sections.

    • Vicki_P

      Ok, I changed it to the quest format. I’m a bit concerned that the audience for these types of books will find me not as trustworthy because of the format (that’s why I was hesitant to change it). But I’ll see how it goes!

  • graysquidooer

    I’m more
    of a writer than reader, Darn I’m going to fail this quest, mainly because I
    have never read 7 books on one subject

    Can I still complete this quest if I find and read 7 different subject books?

    • bloomingrose

      Yes – I read that you can do three or even less. I think three is a nice number actually. :)

  • karenpayneos

    I hope I’m not too late yet to start this quest.

  • partybuzz

    Ok, Robin, here it is:
    I loved these books! :)

  • FreshStart7

    Here is my lens for this quest: 7 of My Favourite Spiritual C. S. Lewis Books that You
    Would Love Too!

  • cwunderlich

    Very nice. I know exactly where I will start.

  • GypsyOwl

    This is my submission to Reading Recommendations by the Numbers quest. This has taken awhile as I reviewed and revised…again and again. I remembered some things about my life which were great to revisit and share.

  • cwunderlich
  • Kathryn Grace

    This will be fun!

  • FallenRobin

    I did this quest too. For all the Star Wars fans out there:

  • favored1

    Was in the making of this list when the quest came. So glad I was able to get it done.

  • caseybxly

    I just finished my first Squidoo quest and right after finishing some homework. Hopefully I brought something unique enough for you guys :)

  • Rhettaa

    Here are 5 of my favorites about ghosts. I hope it’s okay that I wrote one of the 5.

  • Kieron Walker

    I came up with 4 essential books for frustrated job seekers. Hopefully I tied them together well enough.

  • QuiltFinger

    Finished my list at the last minute! Hope it’s not too wild and crazy!

  • sanjeevsworld

    I am going to write “Seven books for your spiritual journey”!

  • lhbeninger

    I submitted this for the original quest, but it seems to have been lost… Thanks for opening up submissions again!

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