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Community Lensmaking Quest: Decorate a Dorm Room for Back to School

3179747964_d84bd4527d_zBelieve it or not, Back to School is right around the corner and now is a good time to create new lenses to help students and their parents find everything they’ll need.

To complete this Community Lensmaking Quest, we’re asking you to personally design a dorm room for a college student.  BUT…  not for just any college student.

We’d like to see your creative ideas that are based around a certain color, or niche topic or design style such as:

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas for Girls Who Love Purple
A Musician’s Dorm Room Retreat
Decorating a Star Wars Themed Dorm Room
A Dorm Room Fit for a Movie Maven
Or maybe even, French Country Dorm Room Decor

Be specific and stay focused on the design idea you choose.  Don’t go crazy with your product choices.  Choose a few key items to concentrate on.  Too many choices could ruin the effect of your page.

If you’ve already decorated a dorm room or two, tell us what you did to make it unique and do share photos if you’ve got them.  If you haven’t yet decorated one, use your imagination and good taste to come up with something someone will love.

I created a quick one to give you an idea of what we’re looking for.  Visit my BOHO Dorm Room Decorating Ideas: Carefree, Casual, Cool and while you’re there please note that I’ve used both of the description areas in my Amazon modules to share ideas and personal statements about the products I’ve featured.   I’ve also added a bit of personal information about why I’ve chosen this theme and shared some useful information about the needs of a college student.  Be creative with your topic choice but do try to add as much helpful information and tips as you can along with your unique decorating ideas.

When your lens is complete, publish it, and share it on Facebook and/or Twitter (add @squidoo and we’ll retweet it for you too) and then be sure to return here and share the link in the comments section below so we can all take a look.

Next week, we’ll grab a handful of your lenses to show off in a special post right here at Squidoo HQ.

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Robin Svedi aka rms is a Community Organizer and member of the Creative Team at where her daily mission is to help lensmasters build better and more successful lenses about the things they know and love.

  • Susan Deppner

    I love your BOHO example!

    • rms

      Thank you Susan.

  • StrongMay

    Just two weeks ago I moved out of my dorm, and made sure to take lots of pictures before I did because I have intended to write a How-I-decorated-my-dorm lens for years now. Guess this is as good a time as ever (except it is mid exam period)!

    • rms

      We’d love to see it whenever you have the time to share but please don’t jeopardize your studies.

      • StrongMay

        Don’t worry – it won’t. I can write the lens during my short study breaks (need those, too).

  • cesily

    Your example is great. Here’s mine: Decorating an African Themed Dorm Room

    • rms

      Love the animal prints Cesily!

  • Ladymermaid

    Love this quest. Perfect timing for hitting the back to school crowd.

    • rms

      I’m glad you like it! And yes, now is the perfect time for thinking about “Back to School”.

  • partybuzz

    This is a fun idea. Love your dorm room, Robin!

    • rms

      Thanks. I can’t wait to see yours.

  • writingbyenna
    • writingbyenna

      I hope it’s not too bad…it’s my first one.

    • rms

      Nice start! Welcome to Squidoo.

      The link you posted isn’t working but I found it. Here’s he correct link:

  • chrisilouhoo

    A Dorm Room for the Ultimate Big Bang Theory Fan!

  • quiz_queen
  • GypsyOwl
  • ChocolateLily
  • StrongMay

    Well, this was easy and fun. Here’s the lens about my dorm:

  • cybaby

    Sample prints looks great, I am new here and hope I find the time to take part in the quest..

  • aswahayah

    loving this lens

  • partybuzz

    Robin, I took your Star Wars suggestion and ran with it. Had a lot of fun doing this, and now I want to go to college just so I can have a Star Wars room myself. :)

  • WriterJanis

    Just published mine. This is for the Doctor Who fans:

  • 1angelsbestkeptsecrets

    Shoot, I missed the deadline by a little bit when I had lots of computer troubles, but I will share my lens here if that is okay. Van Gogh Art Decorated Dorm Room

  • chamroeunmessi

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