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Paper — It’s tougher and cooler than you might think.

51Q4xngR3WL-2Paper crafting is about far more than making paper dolls or snowflakes. There’s an entire glorious world of paper crafts out there, and in her book Paper Made: 101 Exceptional Projects to Make Out of Everyday Paper, Kayte Terry introduces you to the most fascinating bits of it. Through it, you can learn how to make everything from favor boxes to a chandelier. Yes! And you need little more than paper — recycled works great — something to cut with, and glue to make most of the crafts in the book.

I was delighted that Kayte chatted with us recently about the book, which has been making waves in the craft world since 2012. Check out the interview at Here’s hoping you enjoy her insights as much as I did, and that you’re inspired to do some summer paper crafting, too!


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