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Meet Rhiannon from Rhiannon’s Interiors

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I’m pretty excited to introduce you to Rhiannon Gillis from Rhiannon’s Interiors. She’s an LA based residential interior designer, mom, wife and blogger. One of the things that grabbed me about her blog Rhiannon’s Interiors were the really, really neat DIY projects for the home like turning a vintage bread box into a toy box and fiesta inspired planters.

She has been working as a designer for over 11 years on projects ranging from McDonald’s restaurants, to corporate offices, to resorts.

Here’s the questions I had the pleasure of asking her.

You’re a residential Interior Designer based out of Los Angeles. How did you get your start in design?

I was lucky enough to get an internship right out of high school. It was for a company that designed McDonald’s and other quick serve restaurants. It was a great way to break into the industry and really figure out what I enjoyed doing. I don’t think I could have asked for a better starter position.

Many of our readers can relate to being a mom, wife and professional. How do you balance it all?

It can be pretty hectic at times, but I do love it. I apreciate the opportunities I am given to do something that I enjoy so much. Also, I have an endless set of “To Do” lists that I would never survive without. I attempt to keep everything as organized as I can. It makes it possible to just shut everything off at night, and spend time with my daughter and husband.

Can someone on a budget use your DIY tips to fix up their home?

Oh absolutely. My whole philosophy is that there are no rules to how you wish to design your home. I thoroughly believe you can live in a space that you really do enjoy, and you don’t have to spend an insane amount of money to get it. It’s all about being as creative as you can. I provide my own tips, as well as scour the internet, for advice that will help you believe that it’s possible. As long as you’re someone who enjoys trying out new things, and enjoys making these projects on your own, you can get an insane amount done by doing more projects yourself.

One of your services is “space planning”, can you explain that a little bit more?

Space planning is one of my favorite aspects of design. It gets very little credit, but is a huge element in any great looking room. Space planning is when you accept the space you are given, and with the help of detailed measuring, and a creative mind, you can get the best layout possible. You are essentially trying to decipher how much space you have to work with so that your room functions well, looks nice, and is never overcrowded.

What advice would you give people who want to start their own home DIY project?

More than anything, plan out your project carefully. Never just jump into anything without thoroughly researching materials, and how the process will work. There are some great tutorials online, but there are also some definite misses. Be sure you plan for by measuring, budgeting, and consider time thoroughly. If you do this, you should be good.

What is “Fix It Friday?

Fix It Friday is a way for me to provide advice, and answer questions to those in need. Sometimes we just have a simple question that we would love someone to answer for us. No matter how simple or involved that question is, having a professional answer it for you can mean everything. Especially when it’s something that’s been preventing you from going ahead with a larger project in general.

You probably get this a lot, but I have to ask. What’s your favorite color to use in design?

Oh this changes all the time. My poor husband has to live with this constant need for change. Sometimes I want a room completely void of color, other times I feel the need to go nuts and fill up our space with every color known to man. My safe color is usually a warm gray, but my guilty pleasure is bright orange. However this could change tomorrow. For now, I’ll say gray and orange.

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