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Get Yer Red Hots, Right Here!

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It’s summer! And of course that means it’s time for hot dogs. But not just any ‘ol hot dogs, at least for cookbook author and blogger Russell van Kraayenburg. Russell, of the wonderful blog, Chasing Delicious, has penned a fabulous new book, Haute Dogs, all about hot dogs, a food he has adored since childhood. Russell was kind enough to talk about Haute Dogs in this interview with us:, and here’s a little preview about the book, which you can guess, doesn’t focus on garden variety dogs. They feature a wealth of toppings and wonderful backstories. Hot dogs, have, in many ways, become an expression of regional identity (not sure what shrimp salad on top of your hot dog — which is a thing, REALLY! — says about your region.) Russell explores not just how to top a dog, but also offers instructions on how to make your own from the bun on through. If you love hot dogs and/or food history, you’ll love Haute Dogs.

Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the interview, too — you’ll get to see Russell in action!

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