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A Crafty Dad Speaks! Win His Book for Your Fave Dad on Father’s Day!

518O7IuSl-LI just had the ABSOLUTE pleasure of interviewing Mike Adamick, crafty dad extraordinaire and super-nice guy. Mike is the author of Dad’s Book of Awesome Craft Projects and the brand-new Dad’s Book of Awesome Science Experiments.

We talked to Mike (whose work you may have seen in PARADE magazine and on the San Francisco Chronicle’s Parenting blog) about writing the book, parenting and more — just check out what he has to say at

Aside from being one heck of a  fun interview subject — Mike has offered to do something wonderful for dad’s and families. He’s giving away an autographed copy of the latest book to a lucky reader!

Here’s all you have to do to qualify for the drawing — write about a craft project that you know dads and kids will have fun doing together, or review a book or product that is essential to a great dad-kid project. Share the link to the lens below by May 25. Then we’ll choose a winner and Mike will send the autographed book your way — and you can give it to your favorite dad!

Also, once you make your lenses, don’t forget to share them with the world — Tweet ‘em (always remember to mention @squidoo and #Squidoo), FB ‘em, Pin ‘em, Google + ‘em. Send them out into the world. They like to meet new people, you know.

Stephanie Mangino is Squidoo's Food & Crafts Editor. A former print editor/reporter and radio anchor, reporter and news director, she loves research, writing, reading, great food and inspiring ideas.

  • flavinho

    es no estidori nauivs

  • Susan Deppner

    Very cool, especially leading into Father’s Day!

  • favored1

    Maybe people will get some good father/son ideas.

  • rms

    Sounds like a fun book!

  • TableTalk

    Nice idea!

  • TableTalk

    Is this where we share our link for the submission? If so, here is mine….

    • StephanieMangino11

      It is! Thanks!

  • jobadomicile

    thank you perfect

  • lisanansy111

    Nice Concept……!!!

  • Anonymous831

    Great idea.

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  • sandyswriter-review

    Would a food creation be a craft?

    • StephanieMangino11

      Hi Sandy! I’m thinking food would be more of a recipe, unless you’re building something with food like a cookie house or something like that or doing an experiment with food. Thanks! :) Steph

  • nuxa76

    I lost my dad 7 months ago so this year it is going to be hard but my husband will soon be a dad to our son so thanks for the ideas

  • hientran1122

    that nice .

  • boy-tom-3367

    Very good

  • homeomd

    very cool

  • struatmarkes234

    Looks really interesting book and especially becasue for give that book on father’s day really awesome.
    and that type of kids activities north vancouver make father proude.

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