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5 Tips For Making The Best of Squidoo

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 1.51.34 PMHappy Monday! Last week we announced our new Best of Squidoo project and we’ve got some tips to get your lenses on the lists. We’re adding both new format and traditional lenses to the lists so these tips apply to both.

We also added the Best of…lists to SquidooHQ as a tab  so that you can find lenses more easily. Each topic has a Top 100 list and subtopic Top 100 lists. For example if you look at Books on Squidoo you’ll see “Explore Topics” on the right hand sidebar. If you click on “Cookbooks” you get: The Best Cookbooks Pages on Squidoo.

First and foremost we’re looking for quality but here are 5 more tips to get your lenses noticed.

1) Check your lens for missing information – We’re seeing lenses with deleted YouTube videos and missing photos. Make sure that your lenses are updated.

2) Stay on topic – If your audience wants to read about “Green Pepper Recipes” give them recipes about green peppers. Veering too far off topic can make a lens too long and complicated.

3) Nix the add-ons – This is a big one. I’ve come across a bunch of lenses that I’d love to promote and they are awesome…except at the bottom of the lens I’ll find a section called “Blessed by these SquidAngels” or a mile long list of featured lenses. We’re looking for super clean lenses that stay focused.

The same goes for too many Zazzle or AllPoster links. Yesterday I found a fantastic lens but at the bottom it had 10 links to Zazzle products. Now don’t get me wrong we love Zazzle and reviewing one product or having a few nicely placed products is great, just don’t go overboard.

4) Remove CSS – We want Best of Squidoo lenses to have a clean feel and CSS can be really hard on the eyes. Your content is awesome without the bells and whistles.

5) Linking – Relevant linking in moderation is fine but links to junk domains, link farms or SquidDon’t sites is a problem.

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Bonnie Diczhazy is the Editor-in-Chief of the SquidooHQ Blog. Send her a Tweet at @bdkz.

  • kinworm

    Thank you for the extra tips – this is really useful to bear in mind when updating lenses and making new ones too.

  • LindaJM

    I’ll get right on it. I’m starting on an update of all my lenses. Thanks for suggestions.

  • grammieo

    Thanks for all this really great information.

  • JoanneOtt

    Thanks for the helpful tips. Is it ok to add a few featured lenses, provided they are on the same topic?

    • bdkz

      One or two that are on topic are fine.

      • JoanneOtt

        Thanks, I’ll remember that.

        • AnthonyAltorenna

          Guilty as charged… I often include lists of featured links to my other related lenses for interlinking, and did not realize that this viewed negatively. Thanks for the tip.

          • Tom Maybrier

            Anthony, it’s not that we see it negatively, in fact what you’re describing – “adding links to your RELATED lenses” is OK. Encouraged, even. The important part is that it’s just a few and that they are truly related in terms of their content.

  • thebookhill

    Thank you for the extra information.

  • gytass

    thanks for the tips

  • dentalwebsitetemplate

    Really worth to read the whole article. Thanks for sharing man!

  • artyfax

    Thanks for the tips

  • KampSeagull

    Thanks Bonnie! Looks like I have a few lenses to clean up. I appreciate the information.

  • StephenJParkin

    All really helpful information that may get a few lenses unlocked? It would have helped me a lot about a month and a half ago!

  • mountainmist

    Really appreciate knowing what it takes to make the cut! I had to look up CSS so I guess that’s not a problem for me.

  • gal3722

    thanks, really helpful tips

  • gal3722

    thanks really helpful tips

  • darkprinceofjazz

    You really have to stay on top of those Amazon modules too, I found a few out dated products. I was able to find an updated version with a better photo to replace it. Probably a good idea to check every few weeks if you can. I realize this is much easier for me with a smaller account, than someone with hundreds of lenses.

    Has there been any thought on having something in place that could notify us of a bad link, Amazon product, or YouTube video? Just to make it a little easier for those with larger accounts?

    • bdkz

      Great tip about Amazon Modules too. We do send an e-mail if the main product on your new format product review is gone so that should help.

      • A-Redneck

        Checking for expired products has become a full time job. Is there some way to make it easier for us to pinpoint expired products? The price used to be displayed and if it disappeared this was a cue that the product had expired. Now that the price is no longer displaying we have to click through each product and this is a very slow process when you have hundreds of lenses. Making this job easier would really benefit Squidoo as well because the search engines don’t appreciate a lot of dead product links either and many lensmasters don’t realize how frequently their lenses need to be checked in that regard to keep the amazon modules active.

    • Tom Maybrier

      This is a good practice in general as I’ve found that even if a product is still in stock, there may be a newer model available or one with some change that makes it worth swapping out for.

  • Ruthi aka abitosunshine

    I love when tips are helpful reminders of things I should already know and apply, so I do appreciate the suggestions (that maybe should be rules) for best lens creation. Thank you!

  • getmoreinfo

    Thanks for the tips, very helpful for keeping a clean, focused and complete lens.

  • RenaissanceWoman2010

    Appreciate the tips. Time to do some spring cleaning.

  • Tom Maybrier

    Love the double meaning in the title =]

  • KitandCaboodle

    Great tips. As a Squidoo reader as well as a lensmaster, these are on target.

  • Merrci

    Good to know. Will check my lenses to be sure they are okay. Thanks so much for the great tips.

  • paperfacets

    II am wondering how these lists are going to be dynamic? by new lenses and by visits? or are they staying as is forever?

    • bdkz

      Yes, they will get new lenses and new visitors.

  • DeniseMcGill

    It helps to know what you are looking for. Thanks.

  • AussieWriter

    I’m off to remove my “Thanks to Squidangels” on the bottom of many of my lenses.
    I didn’t realize it was a problem so this was a useful tip to know.

  • katiesnow


  • d-artist

    I’m a stickler about updating…good reminder and an important thing to adhere to. (now I have to look up CSS again ;-)

  • SgtCecil

    great tips as always. relieved to see that some of my lenses are doing something right. i don’t even know what a link farm is.

  • kiwinana71

    Thanks for the update. I myself if I find a lens with CSS, I leave it, as you said it is very hard on the eyes and it really isn’t very appealing with all the different colors.
    Also products lens with no comments about the product they are show-casing.

  • tok2gman

    Sounds good!

  • flycatcher

    Thanks for the tips, Bonnie. I know I’ve got to buckle down to checking for broken links and discontinued products, but veering off topic (or going too broad) is an even bigger challenge I’ve resolved to tackle this quarter.

  • Deborah-Diane

    Thanks for the information. I may have some lens lists at the bottom of some of my lenses, so I will start removing those. I don’t think people see them, anyway. What is CSS? If I have it in my lenses, I’m surprised, because I don’t know what it is! LOL

  • vikksimmons

    Interesting list of things to check on.

  • asereht1970

    Thanks for the tips. I’m having a hard time in completing my lens, what to add and not to add… this will be a great help.

  • Rhonda Albom

    Thanks Bonnie. I love when the rules are clear like this.

  • michellehd

    m new here, thanks for such great tips :)

  • Gordon_Hamilton

    I’m loving this new concept at Squidoo and finding it to be exactly the motivation I needed to get right back on the lens making trail :)

  • Lewisgirl

    Thank you, this helps.

  • miriamyentraccm

    Thank you for the tips! I was not aware that CSS was distracting or something to be avoided.

  • scarlettohairy

    Good to know what you’re looking for!

  • Kathryn Grace

    Bonnie, thank you for this. I especially like that you are encouraging people to remove CSS. I find all those colored blocks of text and flashing images distracting.

    Question for you: Do you want us to eliminate all add-ons? Or are some acceptable? I usually invite people to join Squidoo near the bottom of my lenses, and I include a notation about the charity my lenses help to support. Quite often, I also include the Twitter module and a “You may also like” Featured Lenses module with one or two related lenses. What is your opinion about such add-ons? Remove them all? Or would some be acceptable?

    Here’s one example, if that helps:

    • bdkz

      I would clean the bottom up a bit. Perhaps pick one of those add-ons.

      • Kathryn Grace

        Thanks, Bonnie. I’ll take care of it.

  • TeacherPat

    Thank you! I’ll take all the tip I can get.

  • Judy_Filarecki

    Thanks for the tips. I know I have a few that could be cleaned up.

  • fivee05

    Thank you for this information.

  • tallstack

    My lenses are always going down in rankings. I add something new but within a week or two they start going down again. Why is that and what can I do about it?

  • selfprotection

    Great suggestions!

  • CherylFay

    What about a module that your lens was purple starred. Are those ok or not?

    • Gil Hildebrand

      The question you have to come back to is…how does this help the reader? Does it give them more information to achieve their goal?

  • gloria freeman

    Hi thanks for all the tips. I will be updating my lenses.

  • RubyHRose

    Oh this really helps with what to choose to do next. Clean up time. Thanks, great tips.

  • tipsanddeals

    Will keep these in mind. Thanks

  • EditorDave

    Hmmm. Good tips to keep in mind. Still tweaking my mess of lenses. (Sort of like a bucket of squid … a real mess of lenses…. )

  • Jamaican-Foods

    I am happy for the tips. I am doing must of them. I need to work on my links. I understand squidoo more now. Thanks!

  • Mickie_G

    If we do refurbish an old lens, how do we bring it to HQ’s attention? The quests seem to be focused on new lens creation.

  • 3QuartersToday

    Thanks for adding some of my lenses to this new format. I’m excited this month to see sales really take off, it’s perseverance trying new strategies and tips from people who have experience. Another tip is making sure your main keyword is in the first sentence or two in the article and using in text links. Just wish the long lens format had an easier way of creating text links other than code.

  • happynutritionist

    Thanks for the tips. I’ve been working on updating lately. Off to look at the Best Of tab.

  • katiesnow

    great tips, thank you

  • tribesearcher

    Sure, i will stay on topic. It’s my topic. it’s the topic for everyone. Everybody wants to lead an awesome life, don’t you also?

  • katiesnow

    I do not see best of a women I would love to see beauty tips, fashion and the such!

  • ConjuringCrystal

    I will follow these tips for sure. Thanks for taking the time

  • kayelibed

    Thanks for the tips. I am a neophyte in blogging and also in squidoo. This tips will surely help me get started.

  • clouda9

    I beg to differ on point #4 – CSS embellishments done tastefully do enhance lenses…if it’s not over the top. My personal case in point is my 101 hot dog toppings lens. On a big screen it is easy to scroll on through the list, however on my tablet (7″ screen) I found it a lot nicer/friendlier to scroll with the added CSS (larger numbers and highlighting). I bet a huge majority of people landing on our pages via searches do so on their mobile devices and those are the people I’m aiming to please. Otherwise, I think the four other points are valid and wise.

  • rakeshvinaik

    Thank you for the tips

  • kingsblend

    I was minding my own business when my cat made me accidentally click this. Then I gave him a treat.

  • laurafrancesca

    It is a great tips for us. And specially for new bees like me>>

  • johnmcclure

    Hi. My name is johnmcclure.How is every one?

  • Mia-Mia

    Thanks, Bonnie. We all need reminding of these things.

  • dmhonz

    thank you for this lens i will update my lens now

  • ahearter

    Thanks for sharing such an useful information.

  • raveonstudio

    Excellent, I want to have a good spring clean of all my lenses – good advice! ;-)

  • teriann

    yes spring cleaning is in order for sure…thanks for the reminders and helpful nudges.

  • ahearter

    great posting great sharing

  • Robert Connor

    Good tips!

  • LearningIsFun

    Thanks – useful info Best wishes Sonya

  • miriamyentraccm

    Thanks for the tips! I will sure keep them in mind when I create my next lens. =)

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