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Lenses That Sparkle

Courtesy of our RocketSquids. Enjoy!

Ovente Glass Electric Kettle

1. Ovente Glass Electric Kettle

I’ve had my eye on a Le Creuset whistling kettle for a while, but the water here is so hard, I figured it would be a waste of money. Then my friend gifted me with one of these Ovente electric kettles and I’ve been using it for everything from tea…

How my Girls can Sparkle & Shine - If they want!

2. How my Girls can Sparkle & Shine – If they want!

Being a parent seemed easy until my wife Patchra passed away, then things changed forever! Daddy had to learn to be both, the stern dad and loving mom – say what? All the things I learned did not matter anymore & what was not known had to be picked up…

Easy Sparkling Red Punch

3. Easy Sparkling Red Punch

This is an easy punch recipe that will add sparkle to any large gathering. Mix up a few ingredients, toss it into the fridge, and you’re done! I’ve made this countless times for church events, and it’s definitely a crowd pleaser. Kids and ad…

The Sparkle Of Jimmy Choo

4. The Sparkle Of Jimmy Choo

Things that Sparkle, well that’s easy! It has to be the beautiful Gold Jimmy Choo Shoe! Talk about shear perfection! Shoes are my thing. I love them. ALL! To me a beautiful pair of high heels can slay any dragon or man! I am the type that will find a…

The Sparkling Art of Shawna Erback

5. The Sparkling Art of Shawna Erback

Shawna Erback is an artist whose work I only discovered about two years ago, but I am so glad I did. She quickly became a favorite and, if I had a little girl, her walls would be plastered with Ms. Erback’s paintings. As it is, I patiently wait for he…

The Stars That Sparkle In The Night Sky

6. The Stars That Sparkle In The Night Sky

The stars that shine and sparkle at night, they make the sky beautiful. Like any other child, I used to look at the stars in the night sky through the window in my room and wondered what they are, how far they are, and if I will ever be able to get hold of…

How To Make Your Own Glitter Vase

7. How To Make Your Own Glitter Vase

This is a great craft and is so very simple to do. I saw this done on a TV home decorating show and couldn’t wait to try it. I will be hosting my oldest daughters baby shower in June this year and thought this crafting project would be great to make a…

Juicy Couture Sparkle Bracelet

8. Juicy Couture Sparkle Bracelet

Add a Touch of Sparkle, Luxury, and Glamour to your Life and Wardrobe Have you ever wore something and realized everywhere you went you received a compliment on it? That was my experience wearing this bracelet. I first wore it immediately after buying it….

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